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Miracle on Main Street is today It's 76° Fahrenheit 74% humidity. Clear Skies Wind out of the East North East at 12 mph. Water temp: 79° in Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas We had POINT 89 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Doppler radar shows: Clear Skies Satellite Photo Shows: No storms on the horizon. The national weather forecast calls for Variably cloudy with isolated showers. Highs around 82. Northeast winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent. Cruise Ship News - No Ships today - Paradise is just for us. At the top of the news on Friday Good News from WAPA as the Board of Directors met and made plans for the future. As they are installing new water lines in Anna's Retreat to some 400 new customers, they are also laying conduits into the ground that can carry future communication lines. It just costs $132,000 on top of a 4 million dollar water project, but it means when the new high speed internet is ready the customers in Anna's Retreat will have an easy connection. The WAPA board also approved refinancing their 40 million dollar loan with FirstBank to save interest costs. The Board learned that Unit 23 – the workhorse is about to be returned to service. Testing will take place over the weekend and it should be back on line for Christmas eve. Here is Good News from the Environmental Protection Agency – while we all know about HOVENSA’s emission problems this year – in 2009 HOVENSA had fewer emissions than in prior years. Environmental Protection Agency says 2009 was a great year – less toxic stuff was released into the environment. 33 emission events 19% less material released than 2008. And the other sources of toxic releases are also down. WAPA St. Croix was down 4% WAPA St. Thomas was down 95% and the Bulk terminal at the airport on St. Thomas was down 3%. Less toxic stuff in the environment. Meanwhile 2010 may set a record for releases. Hovensa had several releases this year – some of which harmed residents. Senator Malone sent the Governor a list of actions that he thinks should be taken to reduce the problems at HOVENSA. The senator wants EPA funding to monitor Hovensa, develop an island wide evacuation plan, test wells and cisterns in the area around HOVENSA. The Governor says he has received a number of proposals over the last few days regarding HOVENSA and a plan to monitor HOVENSA is forthcoming. Big news from Washington DC as the US Senate approved the Rum cover over tax for the USVI at the 13.25 per proof gallon rate. The bill needs a final vote at the US House of Representative. If it is approved, then the USVI will continue to receive 13.25 dollars per gallon in tax rebates to our government. And if it passes the House, the bill is retroactive to all of 2010. After the huge argument from Puerto Rico about the rum tax it is a relief that the US Senate approved the extension of the cover over tax rebate to our government. Police Commissioner Novelle Francis is asking the community to help Police stop crime. While he is promising to flood the streets with police officers during the holidays, he is also asking the community to call and report any criminal activities. “Be your brother’s keeper, be your sister’s keeper, be a noisy neighbor Big Thank You to the citizen who tipped off the police about a man wearing a gun while working at a senior citizen home. It takes concerned citizens calling the 911 to stop criminal activity. Thank you very much. Police Commissioner Novelle E. Francis Jr. reminds parents, guardians and minors that Curfew Laws will be stringently enforced during the holiday season. VI Curfew laws state minors under the age of 16 must be off the streets or highways before 10 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult legally responsible for the child’s behavior. Unsupervised minors can be taken into custody by the police and held until they are released to their parents or guardians Here comes Seaborne Airlines flying to San Juan to meet connecting flights, direct to the San Juan International Airport starting in January. Seaborne’s flight schedule has been designed to provide time to make most major airline connections at San Juan International, according to a statement from Seaborne. Starting Jan. 12, early morning flights to San Juan International will leave the U.S. Virgin Islands as early as 6:15 a.m. and return as late as 6:15 p.m., with flights throughout the day, seven days a week. St. Croix legislature is closed through Monday. Virgin Islands Lottery will be closed today for an office party. Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority will be closed today for employee training and a professional development workshop They will reopen on Monday. Don't miss the last 1 performances of American Buffalo! TONIGHT Dec. 16th & Friday Dec.17th... call 775-7877. Love City Car Ferries, Inc. has some good news to share. We have decided to have a mascot. It is a dolphin and we would like the community's input in naming this dolphin. As a result we have a Name that Mascot Contest see The winner can win $500.00. Charlotte Amalie High School is embarking on a Wall of Fame project to honor and showcase the numerous alumni who have made significant contributions to the community in their chosen careers. The official unveiling of the Wall of Fame will be on today at 1:00 pm in the Ruth E. Thomas Auditorium. The theme is “Honoring our Past, By Celebrating our Present, To Inspire our Future.” The 2010 Wall of Fame inductees include, Dr. Charles W. Turnbull, Dr. Alfred O. Heath, Ms. Ruth E. Thomas, Ambassador Terence Todman, Judge Curtis Gomez, Mr. Austin “Babe” Monsanto, Mr. Edward Thomas, Mr. Alvin McBean, and posthumously, Mr. Emile “Milo” Francis and Dr. Melvin H Evans. All CAHS alumni and other community members are invited to the induction ceremony – today at 1:00 pm . Miracle on Main Street is today from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM retailers are open, then at 5:00 PM the entertainment begins and vendors will be open as well as stores. Among the performers – Mungo Niles Cultural Dancers, AS steel band, Bertha C. Boschulte School Burnign Blazers, Saints Peter and Paul School Angels of Steel, Ivanna Eudora Kean School Steel orchestra, Sweeta Band, Gladys A Abraham Elementary School Drum and Bugle corp, Ulla Muller school Quadrille dancers and the Energy Band among many more.. There will be Christmas tree lightings – new this year at three locations. 6:00 PM in Market Square, 7:00 PM in Post Office Square and 8:00 PM in Emancipation Garden. and he 12th annual lighted boat parade kicks off at 6:45PM to 8:00 PM in the Charlotte Amalie harbor. Retired Police Organization is inviting everyone to their Open House at the USO Building on Veterans Drive this evening at 4:00 PM to midnight. During Miracle on Main Street, drop by the Virgin Islands Retired Police Organization and share some cheer. And note the Retired Police Officers have their silver anniversary ball on January 8th at Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort.

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