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We have a Jr. Calypso queen  

It's 80 ° Fahrenheit  26.7 Centigrade in Crown Bay St. Thomas,
76% humidity. Clear Skies
Wind out of the SSW  at 4 mph.
Water temp: 79° in Charlotte Amalie  St. Thomas
Doppler radar shows: Clear Skies
Satellite Photo Shows: Band of showers over Puerto Rico will come here this evening.

The national weather forecast calls for  Partly cloudy early in the morning then becoming variably cloudy. Isolated showers. Highs around 82. South winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent. Tonight the chance of rain is 70%

Cruise Ship News 6 in Virgin Islands
At Havensight  Dock – Victory, Equinox, Adventure of the Seas
At Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal: Noordam, Caribbean Princess
St. John has SeaDream 1

At the top of the news on Monday December 20

President Barack Obama signed the tax relief bill into law – extending tax breaks for two more years for all tax payers.  The rum cover over tax rebate to our government was among the provisions included in that tax bill which seals the tax rebates for another year. The rum cover over tax rebate  means the local government will have some 40 million dollars from rum revenues this year. Governor John DeJongh says we are still concerned about the impact of the tax cuts. They are designed to stimulate the US economy the lower rates will have a negative impact on our local government’s tax collections. On the other hand - there is a once time tax cut on payroll taxes, reducing social security tax by 2% - that means about $1,000 extra dollars in an average paycheck over the year. Those dollars will be spent in the local economy.  

Good News from UVI where they awarded 57 college degrees at the end of the fall semester.  The graduates can immediately see their new status on their transcript but will have to wait until May to participate in a graduation ceremony.  On the combined campuses of the University of the Virgin Islands  there were 4 new Masters degrees. 8  Bachelor of science degrees, 27 Bachelor of Arts degrees, 18 associates degrees

Police Commissioner Novelle Francis is asking the community to help Police stop crime.  While he is promising to flood the streets with police officers during the holidays, he is also asking the community to call and report any criminal activities. “Be your brother’s keeper, be your sister’s keeper, be a noisy neighbor

Meanwhile the saturated patrols on St. Croix are working.  8 criminal suspects arrested on Friday as the Police Department swooped through Estate Diamond Ruby St. Croix with K-9 dogs and lots of officers picking up guns, drugs and criminals with arrest warrants outstanding.  However vandals damaged VITRAN busses on St. Croix and this means no busses until further notice.  Vandals tried to break into the cash boxes in the busses and this means until police complete their investigation there will be no bus service on St. Croix.

Good News St. John –Port Authority Director Kenn Hobson  says St. John can expect to see repairs to the damaged dinghy dock in Cruz Bay. The Authority's engineering department is currently soliciting a contractor to repair the dock that was damaged during hurricane season.   A contractor should be selected within 30 to 45 days and repairs will begin soon after.

Good News from St. Croix - We have a Junior Calypso queen There were lots of contestants in the Pee Wee category where Kenecia Wade and Nevaeh Crump were winners.  Caluyah Helliger won in Pee Wee One, and Johnaya Christopher wil the Pee Wee 2 category.  Lamalia Milligan was intermediate one winner and Keshaundia Quinn won Category one.  Carl Michael James was an intermediate winner and Keosha Quinn took the Junior one title  Demaris Belardo was the junior winner and she is known as Queen Terror.

In Crucian Christmas Festival news, the Calypso Monarch Eliminations were held Friday at the Malabu Fun Spot, 13 singers competed and 9 were chosen to advance on to the Finals which will be held January 4 at Island Cente The top three finishers were King of the Tent - Morris "King Generic: Benjamin, Gema Noel, Campbell "King Kan" Barnes, Chantal " Lady Peaches" Barnes, Cedrick “Spade” Brookes, Arthrur "Lord Galvanize" Brown Jr., Samuel "Mighty Pat" Ferdinand, Alford "Thunder" Romney, James " Moonark" Wakefield, Llewellyn Westerman. Competition for Calypso monarch is January 4

Bertha C. Boschulte School PTA is meeting at 5:45 PM at the Auditorium. Student progress reports will be distributed to parents and guardians and members of COAST will talk about alcoholism. And there is a raffle for an Christmas turkey.

Office of Management and Budget will be closed from noon today for the staff to attend the annual staff appreciation event.  They will reopen on Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

Governor John DeJongh has called a meeting of the Public Finance Authority for today at 3:00 PM at their offices on Kongen’s gade.

Tomorrow Ivanna Eudora Kean School has a Time to Celebrate on Tuesday December 21 at the shool Cafeteria. With the steel orchestra, Chorus, Jazz Choir, Concert, Jazz and Marching bands all performing And a special performance by the faculty and staff choir. Call 777-5299 for tickets.

Good News from Ulla Muller where the winter wonderland was like a tropical Disney Christmas event and had fabulous design and several stations of music and dance entertainment. Kudos to designer Jai Kenyatta Andersen, who did the set for South Pacific, and Big Thank You to WAPA for sponsored the lighting. The kids were fantastic, so pure , so innocent, so excited to be part of this extravaganza!! Wonderful family activity and I think they plan to make it a yearly event. Joan Bennett says they REALLY need to be applauded. She was blown away at what had been created at Ulla Muller school Friday night! It was fabulous!!!

Why stay up late tonight?  Well this is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and something else special – there is a total lunar eclipse tonight. The moon will travel in the earth’s shadow and the bright full moon light will turn ruddy red – This is the first time that a lunar eclipse and winter solstice in the last 456 years. The eclipse will begin at about 2:33 am and last until 6:01 am local time. The time of the total eclipse lasts 72 minutes, between 3:40 and 4:50 am. During this time the full moon could appear a bright red or blood orange hue. Lunar eclipses can be viewed anywhere on the night side of the Earth, and are safe to see with the naked eye. This is the first total lunar eclipse in 35 months and the first itme it coincides with the winter solstice in 456 years. Either stay up all night or set the alarm for 2:30 AM and get up and go see it. We may miss this one due to the clouds and rain forecast for this evening – but wake at 2:30 and check.

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