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Who won Rolex Regatta

It's 79° Fahrenheit  70% humidity. Clear Skies or partly cloudy skies
Wind out of the East at 11 mph  
Barometric pressure is 30.03 and rising  
Water temp: 79° in Charlotte Amalie  St. Thomas  No  rain in the last 24 hours.
Doppler radar shows: Mostly Clear Skies  The Satellite Photo shows: Clear Skies

The national weather forecast calls for Partly cloudy. Isolated showers in the morning. Highs 84 . Breezy. East winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

On this Monday March 28  Victory - - to Havensight  Dock  Caribbean Princess  - - to Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal

At the top of the news on Monday March 28
Governor John DeJongh sent the Senate an austerity bill. The Senators crafted their own. How are they different.  The Governor asked for a 5% Gross Receipts Tax instead of 4%.  The Senators passed 4.5%. Half the governor’s request.  The Governor asked for and change in the Hotel tax from 8% to 10% The Senators approved that tax increase. The Governor asked for a $1 per month surcharge on cell phone owners. Senators revised that so everyone will pay that tax on cell phones AND land lines. The senators added a provision that the government would stop paying for most government employees cell phones except those excluded.  And the Senators increases a long list of fees – hotel keeper liquor license, night club license, distiller license, retail liquor license, tavern keepers license, Marriage licenses are up.  The Senators reduced the allotments to all government agencies by 3% and took everyone off lump sum budgets and put all agencies on line item budgets. The Senators bill calls for filling open positions to reduce overtime pay and the government is suspended from creating new contracts for two years. The Senators also direct the government to utilize the labor of inmates in the Bureau of Corrections. The longest section of the Senators bill addresses government vehicles – a sink hole for government money. No new vehicles without specific appropriation, the vehicle must be for a specific purpose and use ONLY for official business, no driving home or to the beach and if the employee has the car 24 hours a day – they have to pay for their own fuel, oil and maintenance. And employees are responsible for their own traffic tickets and any damage to the car. Tighter rules.

What is the dry weather doing to animals and livestock?? Dr Bethany Bradford the Director of Veterinary services for the Dept. of Agriculture says livestock may be getting bulk from dried up grasses but they are not getting enough protein. She is advising all livestock farmers to start supplementing their animal feed with additional protein. This is particularly acute for pregnant cows and new mothers who need extra protein to provide adequate milk to their calves. For more information call 778-0998.

St. Thomas Water Island Administrator Barbara Petersen said the effort to clean up the site of a fire on Nye Gade is complete.  She expressed gratitude to the public for staying off Crystal Gade during the work. Some three tons of debris was removed from the site of the fire and a Big Thank You to the folks of the St. Thomas reform Church for their help in the effort. The site is now secure.

Virgin Islands Lottery likes pictures on the lottery tickets. Right now they are presenting flags from around the Caribbean region. Next up for the lottery drawing April 28 they are featuring the best Carnival photos.  You can vote for the pictures that will go on the lottery tickets at

The 38th  International Rolex Regatta is one for the record books.  Hearty Congratulations to local sailors who placed in the top positions. William Bailey of St. Thomas won the IC-24 class and Chris Curreri came in third. In the CSA Spinnaker class St. Thomas resident Paul Davis placed third and in the CSA Non-spinnaker class Tony Sanpierre  of St. Croix was second.  and in the Beach Cat class, John Holmberg was second and Teri McKenna was third.  Local folks taking home medals at Rolex Regatta. The youngest competitor was 5 ½ year old Madeline Avery aboard the IC 24 Brand New Second Hand with her father, and skipper, Morgan Avery who helped design the IC 24, which is now one of the hottest one-design classes in the Caribbean.

We had winners in Special on Saturday at Charlotte Amalie High School, St. Thomas, as each participant earned a medal. A crowd of volunteers and parents cheered the Olympians who come together once a year in hopes of attending the World Games. The World Games come up every two years, The athletes who win this year will represent the U.S. Virgin Islands this June in Greece. Coaches Edwin Forbes, Jana Lee, Robert Massey, Carol Mestemaker, and Kent Moorehead will lead the athletes in bowling, aquatics, power lifting, track and field, and tennis, respectively.

Coming Up Tuesday – the UVI Experimental program to stimulate competitive research  is going to launch a new marine education campaign with an ocean etiquette video to educate visitors about our marine environment. There is a new multimedia education program coming this summer as they launch their program to “Explore  the Marine Animals of the USVI.  The program will launch on Tuesday at UVI Administration and Conference Center Building UVI St. Thomas campus. at 9:30 AM.

A women’s leadership forum entitled “VI Women in Leadership: Myths and Realities" will be held on Tuesday, March 29, on UVI's St. Thomas campus. The goal is to increase student awareness of and exposure to Virgin Islands women who hold leadership positions and to empower them to realize their possibilities. Virgin Islands women in prominent leadership roles - Superior Court Judge Audrey L. Thomas, Memorial Moravian Church Pastor Winnel Roberts, St. Croix District Senator Nellie Rivera-O'Reilly, UVI's St. Thomas campus physician Dr. Audria Thomas, and Vice President for Public Relations and Governmental Affairs at Innovative Jennifer Matarangas-King – will participate. The forum will take place Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the first-floor conference room of UVI’s Administration and Conference Center.

We all need to help our own Sondria Pemberton the replacement Good News Gal.  She has a film in a competition and needs our votes. Go to this web site: and vote for the tropical day movie. She is up to 3,200 votes – if everyone goes back and votes again, you can vote every day.  Everyone who voted – do it again. She will win. Vote every day and Sondria gives a Big Thank You to everyone who is helping her win. Pass it on.

Our virtue of the week  Patience is quiet hope and trust that things will turn out right.  You wait without complaining.  You are tolerant and accepting of difficulties and mistakes.  You picture the end in the beginning and persevere to meet your goals.  Patience is a commitment to the future. You are practicing patience when you … Calmly tolerate a delay or confusion. Are willing to wait for things you want. Set goals and persevere until they are met. Do something now that will help you in the future. Accept things you cannot change with humor and grace. Are tolerant when mistakes are made. Affirmation: I am patient.  I am gentle with others and myself when we make mistakes.  I wait calmly.  I trust that things will turn out right.

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