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Today is Maundy Thursday

It's 80° Fahrenheit  63% humidity. Clear Skies
Wind out of the East at 2 mph  
Barometric pressure is 29.89 and rising  
Water temp:80° in Charlotte Amalie  St. Thomas
We had  .00 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.
Doppler radar shows: widely scattered showers.   The Satellite Photo shows: Clear Skies

The national weather forecast calls for Isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs 83. South winds up to 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

On this Thursday April 21    we welcome Ruby Princess to Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal

At the top of the news on Thursday April 21
Today is Maundy Thursday Tomorrow is Good Friday. The Governor and various senators all send their holiday greetings.  As Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and members of the Jewish faith commemorate the exodus from Egypt and the triumph of hope over injustice and oppression.

Senate held a full legislative session and  approved the bill to float bonds for the Next Generation Broadband initiative. It was heavily amended in the Rules Committee.  The full Senate removed some of those amendments. They removed the appropriation to fund the St. Croix Jazz and Country music festivals. This means it has only one appropriation and the Governor cannot line item veto portions of the bill.  The senators removed  and appropriation for St. Croix Advertising and the requirement that WAPA manage the Next Generation project. The Governor expressed his approval for the bill’s passage saying the Next Generation will be good for the Virgin Islands and he will have to see the final draft to see if it meets his approval.

The senators approved a bill to allow disabled Veterans to get handicapped decals without a fee.  They approved an increase in the fees in the Superior and District Court; They approved a bill to extend burial death benefit to off-shore veterans, and a bill to limit WAPA’s reconnect charges.

The Senators wielded their veto override and appropriated 500,000 for Dept. of Labor summer employment and approved plans for a multi-purpose indoor complex at Stoney Ground St. Croix. They approved zoning changes for a parcel in Estate Neltjberg and provisions for the employees of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and they overrode the Governor’s veto of funding for our teams to go to the Caribbean regional Little League tournament

Governor John DeJongh and Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty met with cruise line executives earlier this week – in part to explain the increase in the head tax on cruise passengers and in part to see if more cruise ships can be coaxed to come to St. Thomas. Also under discussion was the Caribbean Emissions Control Area slated to take effect in 2013.

HOVENSA said that starting May 2 it will revise the rack rate for gasoline up or down every week instead of once a month. They want to even out the changes and avoid big jumps with weekly smaller jumps or the price may go down.

This is Holy week in the Christian Calendar – Today is Maundy Thursday Tomorrow is Good Friday.  WAPA says they will close Customer Service offices at noon today and remain closed on Friday.  They are open on Saturday from 8:00 AM to noon and closed on Easter Monday. VITRAN will be closed on Friday on all islands however the ADA Para-transit service will be operating tomorrow. VITRAN will have an abbreviated schedule on Monday

Police Department says it will have police patrols out on heightened vigilance over the Easter Holiday looking for drivers driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and any weapons. Expect DUI checks on the roadways.

A sign of the season, Fort Christian Parking Lot is closed as of last night as the Virgin Islands Carnival Committee prepares for this year’s carnival.  The Parking Lot will reopen on May 16 – in between cars may park on the waterfront apron.

WAPA says there will be a water interruption today in Bovoni, Four Winds, Tutu Park Mall Brookman road, Fort Mylner and Nadir as they relocate a 12 inch water main.  Motorists are asked to be careful around the work crews in Anna's Retreat

Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs reminds all bands, DJ’s, musicians and artists that you must have a valid business license. With Carnival right around the corner it is time to make sure your business license is up to date. You must have an applicable business license on display at your performance.

On St. Croix tonight is the Alfred O. Heath Distinguished Lecture Series.  Susan L. Taylor is known for her grace, wisdom and influence for leading one of the most popular African-American women’s magazines, magazine publishing legend Susan L. Taylor will deliver a  presentation entitled, “Women and Health: the Search for Balance.” Taylor will speak this evening at 6 pm at the Great Hall on the St. Croix Albert Sheen Campus. the lecture is free and open to the public.

Look up tonight – this is the time of year for Lyrid Meteor shower. In the wee hours of Friday morning – there is an excellent meteor shower coming from the constellation Lyra near the bright star Vega.  The best time to look is the dark hours before dawn.  The source of the shower is Comet Thatcher as Earth plows through Comet drawn-out dusty tail. Flakes of comet dust, most no bigger than grains of sand, strike Earth's atmosphere traveling 110,000 mph and disintegrate as streaks of light--meteors! Some are intense and cast shadows for a split second and leave behind smokey debris trails that linger for minutes. Good show before dawn tomorrow.

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