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What a fantastic Carnival that was !

It's 80° Fahrenheit  26.6 Centigrade in Crown Bay St. Thomas,
79% humidity. Under Partly Cloudy Skies.
Wind out of the East North East at 16 MPH.   
Water temp: 81° in LimeTree Bay St. Thomas and 84 in Christiansted harbor
Doppler radar shows: clear skies  
The national weather forecast calls for Variably cloudy in the morning...then partly cloudy with isolated showers in the afternoon. Highs 85. Northeast winds around 15 mph. Chance of rain less than 20 percent.

On May 9 we have Enchantment  of the Seas  and Victory At Havensight Dock -

At the top of the news on Monday May 9   

Is it over? Already? Seems like it just started. Prince and Princess, Queen Competition, Calypso tents and competition, King Kan Fu Plente winning the Calypso crown, the Food fair, J'ouvert and the parades, Last Lap and the fireworks. Is it all over already?

The Source says the lingering recession may have whittled down the numbers, but the spirit and revelry of this year’s Adult’s Parade did not suffer. We had spectacular troupes, floupes and bands of all shapes and sizes that dazzled the crowd in Post Office Square. Most of the groups pulled out all the stops this year, with larger than life floats to match their costumes and themes. Vibrant pinks, bright greens and brilliant blues were all the rage, with troupe organizers saying they were trying to show off the best parts of Caribbean culture. We particularly liked Chester “Mighty Groover” Brady with his one-man float, a “candy garden” festooned  with peppermint pies, cakes and other sugary treats. The Charming Twirlers Majorettes had the younger girls come up the route with their mothers twirling right behind them. The Twirlers celebrated their 25th anniversary, while the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra turned 30 with floats celebrating their three decades of accomplishments. The Traditional Indians brought up the rear of parade, which boasted 42 entries this year.  Everyone at my house agreed that was the best fireworks display ever. Really spectacular.

Next up is the end of the school year and time for summer vacation.

Do we have three million dollars for a facility for the mentally ill. One of our senators thinks so. Chucky Hansen is proposing that the government spend 3 million dollars creating a long term facility to house the mentally ill, saying it is unacceptable to leave the helpless living on the streets and we have no real facilities for treatment or housing for the mentally ill.

Delegate Donna Christensen told the Fourth International Conference of the International Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development, that a Caribbean electric grid that will have huge economic and environmental benefits across the region. She says the time for action is now. She is elated that the first link of the chain will begin between Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The court trial for the former top brass at Schneider Hospital was supposed to begin today, but lawyers have filed last minute delay motions.  Rodney Miller, Amos Carty, Peter Najawicz and June Adams were set to go to jury selection today. Lots of special motions and emergency motions to change the start of the trial.

We have heroes in the Coast Guard. Two major rescue efforts in the last few days. They medi-vaced two crewmembers off a cargo ship south of St Croix and they rescued 5 boaters off the coast of Puerto Rico who were aboard a disabled jet boat.  Big Thank You to the Coast Guard heroes.

Will the elderly have help with their utility bills.  The program that offered assistance has run out of money, Now, several senators say they are working on legislation and finding funds to help the elderly with their utility bills. The Senate Committee of the Whole is meeting today to take up the bills.

Department of Planning and Natural Resources and the Governor point out that this month is Building Safety Month and International celebration of Safe and Sensible Structures. The Division of Building Permits will promote the use of permits for building safety and fire prevention. There is a lot of educational material available about safe construction and planning for safety.

Newly sworn in Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) Commissioner Alicia Barnes will be the guest speaker at St. Croix Rotary West meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Club’s Community Center in Frederiksted.  The public is invited to hear the DPNR Commissioner outlines her plans for managing the natural resources of the Virgin Islands. For more information, call Clifford Christian at 772-2505.

Virgin Islands Victim advocate training will begin today at the Family Resource Center at 6:00 PM at their Bunker Hill Offices. Call 776-3966. Come find out how you can be involved helping as a victim advocate.

I'll just read this e-mail from Anna Fisher : THANK YOU ST THOMAS' Schneider Hospital, Dr. Callender, dr. Peterkin, Dr Boody, Dr Elizabeth Barot, St John's Myra Keating Clinic, Nurse Gumbs, thank you JESS and GHBS especially GHS, and the many wonderful people who have contributed. My mom said she is TOO EMBARRASSED to be given mention but she is not too embarrassed to have the Good News Guy announce this on WSTA ...

Our virtue of the week is Moderation. Moderation is creating a healthy balance in your life between work and play, rest and exercise.  You don't overdo or get swept away by the things you like.  You use you self-discipline to take charge of your life and your time. You are practicing moderation when you ...
•         Get enough of what you need, no more, no less
•         Use self-discipline to stop yourself from overdoing
•         Take charge of your health
•         Balance work and play in your life
•         Know your own limits and set boundaries for yourself
•         Are content with enough

Affirmation:  I am moderate.  I am thankful and content to get what I need.  I use my time and energy wisely.  My life is balanced

Thank You

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