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We have Carnival winners

It's 82° Fahrenheit 26.6 Centigrade in Crown Bay St. Thomas,

76% humidity. Under Partly Cloudy Skies

Wind out of the East North East at 4 MPH.

Barometric Pressure is 29.87 and rising

We had no rain in the last 24 hours

Water temp: 81° in LimeTree Bay St. Thomas and 84 in Christiansted harbor

Doppler radar shows: showers south of St Croix Satellite Photo Shows: weather passing south of us



The national weather forecast calls for Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming variably cloudy. Isolated showers. Highs 86. East winds up to 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.


Today is Tuesday May 10 - we welcome: At Havensight Dock - Carnival Dream

At Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal: Oasis of the Seas



At the top of the news on Tuesday May 10

Spectrum Band made it a back to back win as their song Boom took the title for the best road march in this year's carnival. It's official. Malvern Gumbs and the Spectrum band did it again. Last year they had the best road march with Kalaloo. Now Boom is a winner with its resonating Boom boom boom. The band is Malvern Gumbs, Lorna Freeman Dennis, Patrick Farrell, Akeel Breedy, Donald Birmingham, George Thomas, James Gittens and Wayne Samuel.


More winners - in the Children's parade Caribbean Ritual Dancers had the best troupe under 50 members, The best bigger troupe was UVI 4-H and the best floupe was Ricardo Richards Elementary School and the best traditional was the Traditional Indians.


In the Adult parade the best small troupe was Caribbean Ritual Dancers, Best midsize troupe was Real Mas. The best big troupe was Infernos. Best small floupe was Gentlemen of Jones. Best Big floupe was Hugga Bunch. Top majorettes were Sebastian Majorettes and the best individual was Mighty Groover. Top traditional was King Shaka Zulu Nation.


In Carnival village the best booth was #18 Henry Alexander which also won for theme. In the Culture Fair the best dressed booth was CAHS Class of 1972. Alvin Turnbull had the best arts and crafts. Michelle Nibbs won for cakes, and Gladys Abraham Elementary School had the best plants and produce.


King Kan Fu Plenty Campbell Barnes won the Calypso monarch. Our princess was J'Nee Powell, our prince was Tyrell Richardson and our Queen was Elisa Thomas. Best dressed as a doll was Kellis Pascal.


Fort Christian Parking Lot is still being cleaned up after Carnival Village and parking is still not allowed until the cleanup is complete.


Acting Governor Gregory Francis signed into law the bill to limit WAPA's ability to charge for reconnection and set a cap on the fees. The Acting Governor also signed a bill that sets court fees and raises some of the fees. The senators approved 31 million in pay hikes. No vetoed salary increases. He line item vetoed parts of the bill that would change the government budget requirements. The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor both agree we don't have the money to raise pay. The acting Governor said he supports veterans, but we can't afford to bury everyone who was born here and lived somewhere else all their life and we can't afford to extend veterans benefits to everyone who served only 8 years and to all National Guard members. He voted those plans. Costs too much. on the other hand , the bill to allow disabled vets to get their handicapped stickers with no cost was approved. The Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis approved plans to raise the cruise ship passenger fee by a dollar but delayed that until January of 2012. Other bills approved make paper ballots an approved voting instrument. A bill that requires WAPA to get Senate approval for any changes to Bournefield and a new law that requires all board and commissions to review their rules and regulations every five years.


No delay in the court trial for the former top brass at Schneider Hospital as jury selection proceeded on Monday Rodney Miller, Amos Carty, Peter Najawicz and June Adams were set to go to jury selection Monday but their lawyers filed a pile of emergency delay motions - Judge rhys Hodge of the Supreme Court denied them all and called for the trial to begin.


Hard news from HOVENSA as they announced the rack rate is going up by 15 cents on gasoline. You will see the increase at the pump later this week. This make the present prices the highest ever from HOVENSA. Crude Oil prices have dropped dramatically in the last week, so the rack rate should come down in next week's price adjustment.


This is National Tourist week and today is Wear red day to show support for our tourism business. The Spectrum Band will perform today between 1:00 PM and 4 at Crown Bay Marina. Tomorrow is St John Hospitality Day from 11 to 2:00 PM with entertainment at the creek and there is a career fair at CAHS. And entertainment at the airports on Wednesday. Thursday is the day Department of Tourism will show its appreciation to the airport employees from 1:00 Am to 2:00 PM and Sat there is a Christiansted board walk and talk starting at 9:00 AM on Sat.



You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. I'll have more news in just a minute, first this

8:00 AM Nisky Center and Vitraco Mall at 9:00 AM

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Here comes the Health Department's "Fight the Bite" campaign, aimed at educating residents about how to prevent against dengue as the hurricane and rainy seasons draw closer. The ads teach residents various precautionary measures, reminding them that "prevention is best," since there is no cure for the disease, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Tips for the home include:
• replacing or repairing damaged screens;
• protecting infants by covering cribs with cotton mosquito netting;
• keeping tires in a dry place or punching holes in them so that water leaks out;
• putting plants currently in water into soil, and emptying flowerpot bases weekly;
• keeping barrels where water is collected tightly sealed;
• covering or turning over children's toys or buckets that could hold water upside down; and
• placing a screen or mesh over the cistern overflow pipe.


Oh and Dept. Public Works, please note at the trash bin site at the top of Havensight hill, down on the road side below those bins there is an old bath tub full of water breeding mosquitoes. Someone please empty that tub.


Department of Planning and Natural Resources and the Governor point out that this month is Building Safety Month and International celebration of Safe and Sensible Structures. The Division of Building Permits will promote the use of permits for building safety and fire prevention. There is a lot of educational material available about safe construction and planning for safety.


Newly sworn in Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) Commissioner Alicia Barnes will be the guest speaker at St. Croix Rotary West meeting on tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Club’s Community Center in Frederiksted. The public is invited to hear the DPNR Commissioner outlines her plans for managing the natural resources of the Virgin Islands. For more information, call Clifford Christian at 772-2505.



CAHS PTSA for the 11th graders are meeting at Tuesday at 5:30 PM at Ruth E. Thomas Auditorium

This is Nurses week in the Virgin Islands as Acting Commissioner of Health Fern Clarke called nurses the unsung heroes of the health care community. She applauded their commitment to the community. This is National Nurses Week through May 12 - corresponding to the birthday of Florence Nightengale the founder of modern Nursing.


And while we are celebrating our Nurses, let's send a special Happy Birthday to Nurse Monique Donovan making birthday today. Happy Birthday from the nurses of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of Schneider Hospital and the Hospital nursery and from Dr Blondie.

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