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First the weather:
81 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
80% humidity.
30.00 Barometric Pressure – rising
Wind from east at 10 MPH – Mostly Clear Skies
.01 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  36.21” so far this year.
Full Moon Tonight.
National Weather Service says:  Partly cloudy with 20% chance of isolated rain showers in the afternoon. Showers will be isolated. High of 81F. Breezy South winds at 15 to 20 mph.. A light to moderate easterly wind flow will prevail over the next few days. Seas to five feet through Friday.

Cruise Ship News – Four Ships
Norwegian Gem, Disney Wonder at Havensight Dock
The World and Ruby Princess  at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

At the top of the news on Thursday December 27
Today is Christmas Third Day In the 7 days of Kwanza, today is ( koo-jee-chah-GOO-lee-ah ) which means Self-Determination: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves. Today is not a holiday government offices and businesses are all open today. Schools and the university remain closed.

What will be the impact on the Virgin Islands if the federal government does not enact tax law changes by January 1 – the so called fiscal cliff? The director of the Bureau of Economic Research – Wharton Berger will give us an analysis today at 2:00 PM.

Is WAPA lying to us? The Daily News is reporting that the consultants to the Public Services Commission found that WAPA’s generators are far less efficient than they are reputed to be. Instead of burning 11,000 BTUs of oil to generate a kilowatt of electricity, WAPA is burning 15,000 BTUs to make that kilowatt spending more on fuel than it's recovering from LEAC hence the need to keep raising the LEAC.

A possible strike by dock workers on the eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast on threatens the flow of goods and supplies to the Virgin Islands.  The dockworkers poise to strike on Saturday are the ones who load containters in Florida and the South east than deliver most goods to the Virgin Islands.  A prolonged strike would affect everything coming to our islands. The dockworkers contract expires on Saturday and there are emergency meetings underway to resolve the strike issues.

The Source On-line tells us that Maho Bay camps on St. John  are scheduled to close in May. What will they do with the equipment and furnishings? Nonprofit organizations on St. John are alerted to the availability of 114 tents, 152 propane stoves, there’s bedding, mattresses pillows, blankets, chairs and more than 100 tables, propane bottles, coolers, countless linens, tools, tableware, ice machine and refrigeration equipment. Contact Stanley Selengut at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Why does hard news for Jeffery Prosser sounds like good news to the rest of us.  After years of struggling with the court, hiding documents, losing his wine collection, shuffling assets around without the court’s consent, now here comes Jeffery Prosser asking the court to exempt him from personal responsibility for the losses incurred under his leadership.  His bankruptch began in 2006, all the assets have been sold. Many for a fraction of what Prosser paid for them.  Which leaves hundreds of millions of dollars due to the creditors with no assets left to sell.  Is this debt Prossers? Or is he forgiven? NOT forgiven.  Judge Judith Fitzgerals minced no words. She accused Prosser of lying and attempting to defraud his creditors - repeatedly – throughout the bankruptcy proceedings. Fitzgerald said, “Mr. Prosser has repeatedly failed to honor his obligations as a debtor and has shown a complete disregard for the orders of this Court. As such, we shall deny the Debtor’s discharge.” Prosser is on the hook for more than 100 million dollars.

The E. Benjamin Oliver Elementary school Band Boosters have the 2013 Community Birthday Calendars just in time for the Christmas Season. They will be conducting Calendar Sales on December 27th, 28th, & 29th, 2012. Only one thousand calendars will be available. The calendar features a Colored Picture of the Concert Band, Black History Facts for each day of the year, a Business Directory Ad section, and over 1,100 Birthdays and Event Listings. The Calendars will be on sale for $5.00 FirstBank Water Front; FirstBank Port of Sales; and FirstBank Tutu; December 27, 28 and 29 only. For more information call 775-2000.

The Pan African support group and environmental Rangers at are having a kwanza event at CAHS cafeteria at 6:30 all part of the Kwanzaa celebration.

WAPA Customer Service offices are closing today at 2 PM. They have a territory wide videoconference staff meeting.

The GERS St. Thomas office voicemail system is down.  No definite date when the voicemail system will be restored.  We are working to get it fixed. 

CeCe's Closet 2nd Chance Boutique will close its doors on Friday.  They will remodel and reopen but right now there are bargains at CeCe’s closet. Every dollar earned goes to programs and services for victims of crime in our Territory. The store is next to the Family Resource Center office. Come help them get ready to close - 776-3966.

Crucian Christmas Festival –Frederiksted village opens on this evening at 6:00 PM.  December 30 has the boat races at noon and culture night at 8:00 PM in the Village. New Year’s Eve December 31 the Youth Talent show at 8:00 PM in the Village. Wednesday January 2 J’Ouvert starts at 4 AM at Hannah’s rest Corner, the food fair is at noon and reggae night is at 8:00 PM at the village.  January 3 is Latin Night, January 4 is the children’s parade and January 5th is the Adult parade. January 6th there are fireworks over the village.

Governor John DeJongh congratulated the top five readers of his Fourth Annual Summer Reading Challenge for the district of St. Croix. The students were treated to lunch and enjoyed various activities onboard a cruise ship Adventure of the Seas in Frederiksted.  The students toured the ship and did a reading activity in ship's reading room.  Congratulations to the young readers - Renisha Wade  and Shedejah  Charles both of Ricardo Richards School, Sharika Milligan of Charles Emmanuel School, Talibah Williams and Aziza  Williams both from St. Croix Christian Academy. The Governor said,  "These read well beyond the five books for the challenge. They earned a place onboard the Adventure of the Seas for a job well-done. Student readers making good news.

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