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Right now it is:
84 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
79% humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.99 inches
Wind is from East at 17 MPH.
Point 20 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. So far this year: 18.00 inches.

National Weather service says: 
Partly cloudy with thunderstorms and rain showers. High of 86F. Breezy. Winds from the ENE at 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

A very moist and unstable air mass will combine with favorable atmospheric conditions to produce increasing afternoon cloudiness, showers and one or two thundershowers this afternoon. A drier weather pattern will dominate the local area tomorrow - high pressure will build across the local area and drier air moves in from the east.  Mariners can expect seas to six feet and winds to 18 knots (20 miles per hour) today. No Storms on the Horizon.

Cruise Ship News  Allure of the Seas at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

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At the top of the news on AUGUST 21 Wednesday

Tthe Legislature met in special session yesterday – they acted: They authorized the PFA to issue Revenue Refunding Bonds for cash flow relief in 2014, they approved a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service and appropriated $13 million to pay the penalty.

The Senators did not approve an appropriation of $5 million to our Department of Justice to fund litigation with HOVENSA in the coming year.  The Senators transferred that back to committee saying it needed more debate and discussion. There is the sense that if we approve money for litigation that the opportunities for settlement may be diminished. Senators sounded hopeful - there might be alternatives to litigation.

Sen. Hansen dug back into history and reminds us that the Virgin Islands settled lawsuit back in January 2011. We got half of the $10 million settlement. The US government put their half into the US Treasury, but we put restrictions on our half of the money. It had to be used for environmental projects. Hansen wants to amend the consent decree and use the settlement money to pursue litigation. She says – here we are scrambling to come up with $5 million to pay for legal costs yet that's nearly the exact amount we received in cash - the last time we sued HOVENSA. Ironically no one proposed a project to use the 5 million dollars, until she poked the EPA people and the next day here is a proposal for an environmental use… She says that is our money and it came from HOVENSA – ironic eh?

Good News Christiansted – a new exhibit opened at the second floor of Fort Christianvaern and hosted by the National Park Service. The show is about CHRISTIANSTED and environs with highlighs about history and the way life was many years ago. Big Thank You to the National Park Service and Elizabeth rezende who put it together. It will be open from now through Sept of 2014 – a year from now. 

Good news from Tortola where an oil spill was contained without contaminating the ocean. A truck was disposing of waste oil near the sewage pump station when it spilled. It leaked into the drainage system but was caught before it got to the ocean. Meanwhile the government in the British Virgin Islands is negotiating with Washington on terms of an agreement so the British islands are not used for tax evasion. More than a half million companies use the British Virgin Islands as a corporate address to protect their off-shore earnings from taxes.

Good news for us - Destinations Magazine has been selected by Delta Airlines for distribution at John F. Kennedy airport. Destinations Magazines will be distributed by hand the passengers traveling from JFK to daily flights coming to St. Thomas.

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9:00 AM Nisky Center

As you lost and found department Theodore Powell put his wallet down on top of the car in the Rosendahl and drove off it must've fallen off somewhere on Ginger Hill on his way toward town. If you found the billfold belonging to Theodore Powell, call this number 779-6592 that's 779-6592. We’re looking for the wallet of Theodore Powell

The Department of Education's School Food Authority has scheduled mandatory training sessions for all St. Thomas-St. John kitchen managers, cooks and food service workers – on Thursday August 22nd and Monday August 26th from 8:00 AM  to 11 at Lockhart Elementary School
Topics:      Food Standards: Batch Cooking, Time and Temperature, Line Presentation  
Reimbursable Meals: New pattern requirements, new USDA Regulations, checklist
Kitchen Basics: Knife Skills & Station Organization, Knife Skills Demo
Production Sheets & Recipes

The Department of Health Immunization programs has a special vaccination clinic on St. John at the Morris F. de Castro Clinic, Coming Up Thursday - August 22nd from 9 am to 3 pm.

School is coming. All new 9th graders must report to CAHS for school identification card photos. Bring a copy of your updated immunization record and bring $42 to pay all the fees. If you don’t want accident insurance - bring your insurance card and show you are covered.  Students must wear their uniform.

 Today  right NOW for all students with last names N-S and at noon last names T-Z
Thursday, August 22nd: 8:00 a.m. for all new students who need to purchase a permanent school ID.

there's an eight way tie for first place among the boats in the open Atlantic blue Marlin tournament known as the Boy Scout tournament. They caught 22 blue Marlin yesterday and released all of them so far a total of 84 marlin have been caught in three days of fishing Wave Paver, went fishless today. While seven other boats have five releases apiece one of the fishermen said “This is when all the fish you’ve missed really hurt,” The eight-way tie for first is definitely something special.

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