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Right now it is:
82 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
84% humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.94 inches
Wind is from East at 9 MPH.
No rain is in the last 24 hours. So far this year: 18.00 inches.

National Weather service says: 

Patches of low to mid level moisture will continue to bring cloudiness with showers to parts of the region today. The region will remain under the influence of an upper level trough which will interact with the approaching surface trough. This will increase the potential for additional showers. A drier weather pattern with only a few showers is expected on Friday and into the upcoming weekend as a high pressure ridge builds across the local area and a drier Saharan air mass filters in from the east.
Across the local waters, mariners can expect seas to six feet and winds to 18 knots.

Here is great news - The tropical Atlantic is quiet and devoid of any active weather systems presently.

Cruise Ship News: Carnival Breeze at Havensight Dock

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At the top of the news on AUGUST 22 Thursday

Is the public finance authority mismanaged? Are funds missing? Have funds disappeared into the hands of private entities? Some of the senators think the PFA needs a full audit. But at yesterday's PFA board meeting, the governor called the allegations “outrageous." He says all PFA documents are posted online, and the legislative approves all the expenditures. Finance Commissioner Dawson is befuddled.  He is PFA Executive Director and says,  “We are always completely transparent with the Legislature and the public when we borrow money for the territory to fund vital public projects. The Legislature has always been provided a full list of our projects and the sources from which they are funded.”

On the other hand there is the Senate having to come up with $13 million because of irregularities and handling some PFA funds.  A year ago, the IRS launched an audit of $219 million in bonds issued by the government in 2006 to for project financing and to refinance outstanding bonds from 1999. The IRS decided the refinancing violated their rules. They say our government had enough money to retire the 1999 bonds not refinance them. We have to pony up a $13 million dollar settlement. This set the senators up to ask questions about other Public Finance Authority activities.  Inspector General Stephen Van Beaverhoudt said that local and federal authorities would work together and conduct an audit during the first six months of 2014.

Meanwhile, Harry Daniel, from the Office of Veterans Affairs, commended his staff’s efforts to help the territory’s veterans with access to health care, job training services and the benefits they have earned through their service. At the Senate Finance Committee budget hearing Veterans Affairs asked for $323,786 to pay salaries and fringe benefits. Another $400,000 budgeted under the fiscal year 2014 Miscellaneous Budget funds veterans’ burial and travel.

If HOVENSA stops pumping gasoline in October, where will the fuel come from for the hurricane hunters, for the private planes, or for the airlines that landed in St. Croix? Anthony Weeks on St. Croix interviewed Sam Black of Bohlke international Airways – they run the gas station at the St. Croix airport Black says 97% of the planes that land at Henry E Rholsen Airport require refueling yet they have very limited on-site storage for fuel - about enough for one weekend. St. Croix has no facility to pump fuel from barges to the airport. Bolhke says if HOVENSA stops pumping jet fuel at the wholesale rack, aviation in St Croix could come to a standstill.  No planes, no tourists, no hurricane hunters.

VIPA Board of Directors met yesterday and cleared the way for Tibbar’s energy to use 400 acres of land west of the Randall “Doc” James racetrack for the growing of giant king grass. They tabled that request in June. Yesterday they approved allowing staff to continue negotiations for King grass on the land.  A technical report said King Grass would have no significant impact on the future use of the land.

Good News Christiansted – a new exhibit opened at the second floor of Fort Christianvaern and hosted by the National Park Service. The show is about Christiansted and environs with highlights Christiansted’s history and the way life was many years ago. A big Thank You to the National Park Service and Elizabeth Rezende who put it together. It will be open from now through Sept of 2014 – a year from now. 

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The Department of Education's School Food Authority has training for all St. Thomas-St. John kitchen managers, cooks and food service workers going on today and again Monday August 26th from 8:00 AM  to 11 at Lockhart Elementary School Topics include Food Standards: Batch Cooking, Time and Temperature, Line Presentation, New USDA Regulations, Kitchen Basics: Knife Skills & Station Organization, there is also a Knife Skills Demo and a review of the new recipes.

 The Department of Health Immunization programs has a special vaccination clinic on St. John at the Morris F. de Castro Clinic, Coming Up today from 9 am to 3 pm.

 School is coming. CAHS time for all new students to get school identification card photos. Bring a copy of your updated immunization record and bring $42 to pay all the fees. If you don’t want accident insurance - bring your insurance card and show you are covered.  Students must wear their uniform.
Today for all new students who need to purchase a permanent school ID.

UVI's Reichhold Center for the Arts and the St. Thomas/St. John Chamber of Commerce invite everyone to to the unveiling of the Reichhold Center's 35th anniversary season line-up at “Business After Hours” this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Reichhold Center on the UVI’s St. Thomas Campus. You get to preview the scheduled performances and purchase tickets. Complimentary hors d'œuvres, a cash bar and door prizes. This evening at 5:30 PM at the Reichhold Center.

On Saturday August 24 at 9am, United Jazz Foundation will host "Mentoring Through the Arts of Music" - a music workshop  for 45 children in foster care and their guardians to learn about the art of jazz music. Dion Parsons says, "Most children in foster care aren't privileged enough to be able to attend the cultural activities in the district or beyond. The workshop is an opportunity to learn about musical heritage, and open minds to the possibilities of music, and their own potential."  Children and Families Administrator Janet Turnbull Krigger has a Big Thank You to Dion Parson and United Jazz Foundation for extending "Mentoring Through the Arts of Music" to the foster children. You are making good news.

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