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Right now it is:
83 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
82% humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.99 inches
Wind is from East at 13 MPH.
Point 01 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. So far this year: 18.41 inches.

National Weather service says
Partly cloudy with rain showers, possible thunderstorms into the afternoon. High of 84F. BreezyNorth Winds at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Patches of low level moisture will continue to move across the local area from time to time resulting in a few showers through the day. Shower activity will increase tonight and Friday as a tropical wave moves across the area.  Mariners can expect seas to five feet and winds to 17 knots.

We are also watching a tropical wave some 1,000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. Some slow development is possible during the next couple of days as the wave moves west at about 15 miles per hour. Upper-level winds also inhibit further development.

We are watching another tropical wave over western Africa – also moving westward at 10-15 miles per hour and a low pressure could form after it moves off the coast on Friday. Some development is possible however upper-level winds are unfavorable for development of a storm.
No storms on the horizon just two things to watch. We will watch it for you.

Cruise Ship News No Ships Today

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At the top of the news on AUGUST 29 Thursday

At most of the Senate Finance Committee budget hearings - department heads come - hat in hand, announcing how they've trimmed the budget, made cuts, reduced services, explaining how they plan to do more with less… And here comes the election board asking for almost a $1 million more than is in the governor's budget. And they had few details about their spending plans. The St. Thomas board wants $413,000 – that is 6 times the Governors suggested budget. The St. Croix board wants $477,000 – also 6 times times more than the Governor’s plan. These funds are on top of the appropriation for the office of election supervisor – that is $1.2 million. One detail - $50,000 is for training people how to use the new paper ballots. But the rest of nearly a million dollars – no details on how it would be spent.  Meanwhile election officials are at a loss to explain what happened to 2 million sent by the federal government to buy election machines.  The Office of Management and Budget used it for the General fundcan't account for some $2 million in federal funds that is for the board of elections. And  was supposed to be used  purchasing voting machines.

Then there was the budget hearings for the St. Thomas Carnival, Crucian Christmas Festival, and St. John Festival organizations all made their budget requests. Senators were flabbergasted to discover that St. Thomas Carnival pays some musicians in cash without the proper tax forms. The testimony was heated, as organizers had vague answers to pointed questions and more than once Senators said Carnival committee acted as though they were above the law. Senator Riviera O’Reilly called the Carnival committee a “rogue entity” – for failing to file annual reports with the Lieutenant Governor office. Organizers said Carnival belongs to the people not to the Government but senators retorted – you are asking for government money, it has to be handled properly. St. Thomas Carnival gets $650,000 almost half of it from the Department of tourism. Easier time for St. John Festival that wants $650,000 – that is double last year's budget for the 60th anniversary.

The Board of Education came asking for 3.3. million dollars. Unpaid students loans are their biggest problem with 9 percent of the loans delinquent. There is about a half million dollar in loans outstanding.

Senate President Shawn Michael Malone sent a letter to Governor John DeJongh offering specific suggestions for improving the agreement with HOVENSA that was rejected by the Legislature.
The letter says “I truly do not believe that any of my colleagues want to enter into litigation with HOVENSA, however most of us want a better negotiated agreement to be brought forward." Senator Malone's recommendations include disallowing payments in lieu of property taxes, allowing for the refinery facilities to be used or sold for activities other than oil refining and giving the Government control over $5 million now in an escrow. He says. "while fuel suppliers are lining up to provide St. Croix with gasoline and we will find a way to move forward." Malone wants to meet with the Governor to discuss details.

Good News from Golden Grove Prison. Officials were concerned that an inmate might have had Meningetis – precautions were taken to prevent its spread.  Meningitis is an infection of the brain. Now the Good News – the illness was not Meningitis. Better safe than sorry.

Human Services Office of Childcare implemented their new Quality Rating Improvement System VI Quality at an orientation session at Frenchman’s Reef. Some 2,000 children in day care will benefit from the new standards making the USVI the first territory to join over 20 states to offer this type of improvement system. Human Services Quality Childcare Unit staff will monitor progress of the VIS2Q with each center to insure compliance with the improved standards. 

All elementary and secondary teachers are in training sessions today On Friday all teachers are asked to report to the respective school while special education teachers paraprofessionals and special education bus drivers are meeting at Frenchman's reef on Friday at one o'clock.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
8:00 AM Nisky Center  9:00 AM Nisky Center

11 The Rotary club of St. Croix will hold a luncheon meeting today at Gertrude's in Kassel Coakley on Hess Road at noon. The guest speakers are Mona Barnes and Vera Falu talking about
senior resort, which is public housing for the elderly. There will also be a special presentation of the Farrelly scholarship award. Noon today at Gertrude's restaurant on Hess road .

Committee to revive our culture is meeting this evening at 5:30 PM at America Legion Hall in Subbase

Hard news for the Metropolis Lounge.  DLCA has revoked their business license after that nightclub had become a hub of crime and violent activity.  The Metropolis Lounge, a business owned by Hugo Rios, will no longer be allowed to operate because of a string of attacks that took place on its premises soon after the nightclub opened its doors, and the owner’s ineffective response to those incidents.  The Sub Base nightclub had several complaints filed alleging criminal activity. An illegal gun was recovered there, one man choked his ex-girlfriend, and another man assaulted a girlfriend by poking her in the face. Back in December a man was shot in the Metropolis parking lot and in January the place shut down due to a bomb threat. No more. The license is revoked. Out of business.

Back to School is upon us. There have been many changes to the orientation schedule.
IVANNA EUDORA KEAN HIGH SCHOOL has orientation for those students who did not attend early orientation in June.
10th graders come today, with ID Photos at 1pm and orientation at 4pm.
9th graders on Friday photos at 1:00 PM and orientation at 4:00 PM.
Parents/Guardians must accompany the students as well as provide a copy of the students immunization card.  All school fees will be collected.  Students must be in full uniform.
For more information call 775-6380.

Charlotte Amalie High School orientation continues on
Tuesday Sept 3rd : 8:00 AM   for all 10th graders and parents
Tuesday Sept 3  at noon 30 for all 11th graders and parents
Wednesday  Sept 4th 8:00 a.m. - All 12th graders and parents 
Parents should bring $42 for all the fees to be paid.

Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School, has mandatory orientation sessions on Friday, August 30 in the auditorium:
Sixth graders at 12:00 noon on Friday;
New and Returning seventh  graders at 1:30 pm on Friday and,
New and Returning eighth graders at 4:00 pm on Friday.
Students must be in full uniform and accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Parents should bring $67 for all the fees and school gym uniform. For more information, call 775-4222. 

On St. Croix all elementary schools will hold orientation on Friday, August 30th.  
Ricardo Richards’ will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 am
Lew Muckle School’s session is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 
All other schools orientation will begin promptly at 8:30 am on Friday.
The orientation session at Eulalie R. Rivera School is for new, transfer and kindergarten students only.

St. Croix Central High School Orientation
Friday, August 30th,  for all tenth graders from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Same day all eleventh grade students from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 31st -- All twelfth grader students from 9:00 am to noon.

At the St. Croix Educational Complex - Orientation
TODAY – All tenth graders at 11:00 a.m.

St. Croix Educational Complex – has orientation on Friday, August 30th -- Ninth graders with last names beginning with “A” through “I” at 11:00 a.m.
9th graders with last names beginning with “J” through “Z” at 1:30 p.m.
Students must be in full school uniform at all times during orientation.
Classes will begin in the school district on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

We have not received an announcement on the school orientation for elementary grades in St. Thomas St John.

The Department of Human Services Head Start Program will conduct parent orientations for the new school year on St. Thomas on
TODAY  for Bovoni, Tutu, Sugar Estate, Wilhelm George
Tomorrow Friday, August 30th Marcelli Annex
Orientations is at the Head Start complex in Sugar Estate from 10 am to noon.
Sessions in Creole today from 1 pm to 3pm.
For more information contact the Head Start office at 774-2445. 

Governor John deJongh has endorsed the V.I. Fathers March and the Back to School Days of Prayer in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  He has signed a proclamation declaring Saturday, August 31, 2013 and Sunday, September 1, 2013 as the Back to School Days of Prayer and Tuesday, September 3, 2013 as the Day of the V.I. Fathers March.  On September 3, 2013, we hope that thousands of fathers and father-figures will accompany their children to school and continue to make a statement during the school year.  These fathers and father figures will be able to wear tee shirts and a badge indicating that they are a force in their children’s lives.
On Saturday, August 31, 2013 and Sunday, September 1, 2013, the Back to School Days of Prayer, we are asking the clergy in the churches of the Virgin Islands to lead their congregations in prayer for returning students here and abroad and pray for the fathers and father figures to be with their children during the school year.

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