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Right now it is:
78 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
88% humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.90 inches
Wind is from East at 6 MPH.
Point 81 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. So far this year: 19.84 inches.

National Weather service says  Showers and thundershowers peppered with frequent and intense lightning strikes are occurring all across the U.S. Virgin Islands while the more significant rainfall is being experienced on St. Croix.    The showers and thundershowers are associated with Tropical Storm Gabrielle located some 40 miles to the south-southwest of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Gabrielle will continue to move very slowly in the next 12-24 hours which will increase the potential for flash flooding. While the tropical storm is moving away from the general vicinity of the Virgin Islands, the biggest threat is the rainfall associated with the storm system. Gabrielle is forecast to produce rainfall amounts of 3-6 inches over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. A Flash Flood Watch remains in effect for the VI until Friday.

Due to the heavy rain on St Croix public schools are closed while public schools on St. Thomas And St John are open. 

A tropical wave over Africa is expected to move over the far eastern Atlantic Ocean in a couple of days and some development of this system is possible over the weekend.

Cruise Ship News –  No Ships Today

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At the top of the news on September 5 Thursday
Public schools on St Croix are closed today due to the heavy rains and flooding. Schools on St. Thomas and St John are open today.  St Croix schools are Closed. St. Thomas St John schools are open.

Her name is Gabriella and she will be visiting us today. Gabriella is a tropical storm, now. While the Virgin Islands are outside of the zone of tropical storm winds, we are inside the zone of rain showers and thunderstorms. As of early this morning, Gabriella was located at 17.5° north and 66.9° West that puts her about 40 miles south southwest of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Gabriella has maximum sustained winds of 40 mi./h and is moving toward the west northwest at 8 mi./h. There is a tropical storm warning in effect for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. And the southeastern Bahamas and Turks and Caicos should monitor Gabriella  Gabrielle is expected to produce total rainfall of 3 to 6 inches over Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and isolated maximums up to 12 inches in mountainous terrain.

The Doppler radar map looks like a mass of showers all around us. While there are gaps where there will be less rain, you can expect rain almost all day today. The National Hurricane Center says the center of Gabrielle will pass over Western Puerto Rico and the Mona Passage and the Dominican Republic during the day on Friday. The national hurricane Center says Gabriella does not have an inner core... but radar images show a well-defined mid-level center to the east of the surface location. The forecasters are expecting her to develop a surface center later today…

Gabriella is not alone ! There is a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms associated with the surface trough that reaches from the Northeast Leeward Islands northward and eastward way out into the Atlantic Waters. This is not expected to become a tropical cyclone but it means our Virgin Islands are in-between Gabriella to the south of us and is large body of showers to the northeast of us, We are in between two weather systems - both will make showers. there is other news.

Former Schneider Hospital Chief Executive Officer Rodney Miller was found guilty of tax fraud on Wednesday. He was convicted of aiding and assisting in the preparation of a false and fraudulent tax return for 2006 by deliberately underreporting his income. Sentencing will take place in December and Miller faces a penalty of up to three years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine., but in the meantime Rodney Miller faces another court trial in October, the retrial of the case involving conspiracy and working with his hospital associates to steal money from the hospital that case goes to court in October. The past trials on those charges ended with a hung jury, meanwhile he is guilty of not reporting the money on his tax returns… 

The St. Croix board of elections met yesterday and appointed Genevieve Whitaker to fill a position left vacant since March when James Weber 3rd resigned as Deputy supervisor of elections. There was an argument over the budget.  The board met in August and approved a budget of $326,000 but when the Board Chairman presented the budget to the Senate it swelled to $477,000. Some members wondered where the changes came from. The difference is 152 thousand dollars – where did that difference come from? They argued. 

LBJ housing on St Croix is coming down. Demolition is coming as the Housing Finance Authority plans to rebuild the facility as emergency housing.  Right now there are 58 tenants in LBJ housing and they have to move out before demolition can begin. 

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The Public Services Commission will be holding hearings on the petitions of the Water and Power Authority to increase the base rates for the Electric Departments. The hearings are open to the public.
On St. Thomas today from 10 am to 5 pm at the PSC Offices in Barbel Plaza, then on Friday from 3 pm to 7:30 pm also at their Offices in Barbel Plaza.

Monday September 9, the Public Services Commission will hold hearings on St John at the Legislature from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. Tuesday September 10, they wil hold hearings on St Croix from 3 pm – 7:30 pm at the St Croix Curriculum Center If you wish to testify Call 776-1291

Cruzan VIRIL Ltd. Made a donation of $40,000 to the University of the Virgin Islands. The donation will bring the total Cruzan VIRIL Ltd. has given to support the University since 1987 to $735,000.
Big Thank You to Cruzan Chief Executive Officer Gary Nelthropp. A grateful UVI President Dr. David Hall and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Dionne V. Jackson. Were pleased to receive the donation.

Governor John DeJongh has tapped Harry Daniel to head the office of Veterans Affairs. He has served as assistant director from December 2007 to November 2012. He will replace Morris Morehead who retired last year. Daniel said his goals are to recruit more medical providers to care for veterans, identify the homeless veterans and continue partnerships to provide housing assistance veterans. He also wants to work with the taxicab commission to encourage veterans to bid on taxi medallions and work to develop veteran’s cemeteries in both districts. Right now we have some 4,398 veterans living in the Virgin Islands. Harry Daniel – you are making Good News!

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