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34 in Denver, 34 in Paradise Beach Manitoba, 45 in Boston and 41 in Toronto.

83 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas
76 % humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.95 inches
Wind is from East at 14 MPH.
No rain

National Weather Service says: Partly cloudy with a 30% chance of rain showers this morning. Same kind of thunderstorms and rain showers in the afternoon. High of 84F. breezy east northeast wind at 10 to 20 mph.

A gradual improvement in the weather is expected today as the prevailing easterly trade winds transport somewhat drier air from the east and northeast. However, lingering low level moisture may aid in the development of brief afternoon showers in some areas. Significant rainfall is not expected today.   Seas to five feet and winds to 17 knots (19 miles per hour) are forecast today.
The tropics are quiet.

Cruise Ship News  Norwegian Epic at Havensight Dock and Allure of the Seas at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

At the top of the news on October 30 Wednesday

Imagine a world with no mosquitoes. Not just fewer mosquitoes, not just mosquitoes without dengue fever, but no mosquitoes of all. The little buggers only travel 100 to 200 yards so it's possible to imagine eliminating mosquitoes and entire island community. All of them. The scientists at the University the Virgin Islands yesterday described technology to genetically engineer male mosquitoes so that they produce no offspring. Females would lay eggs that would never hatch. No mosquitoes. None. It is possible. They are interested in conducting their research here in the Virgin Islands where we have a controlled environment that ensures no mosquitoes will come in from the outside. Not only would this get rid of mosquito borne dengue fever, it would also get rid of the mosquitoes.

Senate Committee on Health and  Hospitals met yesterday. They took testimony from the Commissioner of health regarding the status of emergency medical Services and ambulances.
The territory as a whole needs more ambulances and more emergency medical technicians BUT we do not have the funding to get them. Budget cuts and lack of money are the root cause of the problems. according to Darice Plaskett.  Right now 6 of the 15 ambulances are out of service. All 6 of them on St. Thomas. Staff say the ambulances have not been maintained properly and they have braking problems, broken sirens, steering issues and other safety problems. Why do they have to go to St. Croix? Evidently no mechanic on St. Thomas as a lift that can get the ambulances high enough for work. The health commissioner emphasized that at no time has the emergency medical service been unable to pick up patients. Will a merger with the fire service help? It might. But both the fire service and EMS are short staffed and a merger might not solve either agencies problems.

The Department of tourism is going on Facebook with videos about the Virgin Islands. They will be launching a new video each day this week on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the ambassador's website, and the commissioners Facebook page. First post is up now and available. They will post a new one today. The idea is to highlight the music food and history of the Virgin Islands with move segments using local personalities. Richard Domeng talks about staying in the Virgin Islands,  Olaf Hendrickson talks about local culture. Vera Payne talks about romance and Carmen Sibley talks about celebrations. Other videos focus on diving, shopping and sports. You can find them each day as they're released. Look on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and instant Graham. On Twitter look for @USVI tourism. On Facebook the site at

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