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78 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas. 
82 % humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.02 inches
Wind is from East North East at 8 MPH
Point 04 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. 40 inches so far this year.

National Weather Service: like we need more rain, the National Weather Service is calling for a 90% chance of thunderstorms today with a high temperature around 77 and in East North East wind up to 20 miles per hour.  Chance of rain tonight is 80%. Weather conditions remain very moist and unstable across the Virgin Islands. Showers and thundershowers are moving in from the north.  So, will get scattered showers today and tonight.  Across the regional waters, small craft operators should exercise caution due to five foot seas and winds to 21 knots.

Cruise Ship News – Eurodam at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

At the top of the news on December 5 Thursday
Have you ever wondered whether your location is safe in the event the tsunami, now you can find out. Governor John DeJongh and VITEMA Director Elton Lewis revealed a significant advancement in emergency management as they unveiled a set of new maps of all the Virgin Islands indicating where the hazard zones are in the event of a tsunami, and where the safe zones are.  They used a 25 m measurement to indicate the zone of safety – that is 82 feet above sea level that is considered safe in any Tsunami. Now it should be easy for everyone to see whether their location is safe and where to go after a tsunami warning.  The maps make it easy to see that on St. Croix, Christiansted and Frederiksted are both in the tsunami zone, so is the Rholsen Airport and all of HOVENSA and all the way up Salt River.  They announced that new warning sirens will be installed - - a total of 14 new sirens will be installed starting on Monday.  It's all part of an effort to make the Virgin Islands more tsunami ready.  Only one problem.  While the maps are in the Daily News, and the Source Online points to the VITEMA website, but at this time, the maps are not available online.  Maybe later today?

A Senate Committee took testimony on the challenge of youth violence and the crisis affecting young men in the community. They heard that the Youth Rehabilitation Center staff provide a disciplined treatment and a consistent structure and that many youth need to gain self-control over their behaviors.  Commissioner Christopher Finch of the Department of Human Services said more work with their families would help. The recidivism rate is a problem that needs solution. The Attorney General told the committee it appear there is an increase of juvenile involvement in violent crimes because they are involved in more serious crimes; yet those instances are actually infrequent.  Meanwhile he said 85-percent of the violent crime is committed by youth under age 30.  And almost 50% of the prison inmates are under age thirty.

Good news from the board of elections - They held a meeting without a fight.  Everybody agreed on everything.  At least the 4 board members who were present - - which is enough for a quorum.  They agreed on a new questionnaire – that all candidates will have to answer when they file pepoers to run for office – at least on the St. Croix ballot. They sent a questionnaire to the joint board asking to have it adopted territory-wide. The questionnaire asks if you ever been convicted of a felony, or a crime of moral turpitude, have you ever solicited bribes or favors or payments. It asks about sexual crimes, unlawful sexual contact and whether the candidate is up to date with their tax payments.  The board also tested the new voting machines - everything came up roses.

St Croix Christmas Carnival gets started on Friday with Stanley and the 10 sleepless Knights, Pumpa and the Unit on stage Friday evening.  On Saturday Volume International, Fusion Band and Stylee band perform.  There is a parade on Saturday starting at six pm from Sunday Market Square with majorettes marching bands, Queens, princesses and others parading down King Street and around Christiansted.

Also Saturday they will bring Carnival to the Herbert Grigg home for the aged and they are looking for more troupes and groups to participate in the parade and the Grigg Home visit. Call 643-3199.  Christmas Carnival continues Sunday it's X6 Band, Angel, Sincere and Planet 6 on stage.  That number again 643-3199.

In our lost and found department.  Donald C Rensch of estate Lurkenlund, your wallet is at WSTA with your drivers license, bank cards and other cards. Anyoen who knows Donald C Rensch tell him to come to WSTA.

Chamber of Commerce   Business After Hours is special this evening. Cardow Jewelers is the host this evening at 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. – WHat’s special is the first Business-after-hours with live entertainment. The Bertha C. Boschulte Burning blazers Band is performing this evening.  Note the Cardow Parking Lot entrance is facing the Waterfront. They are also going to showcase the new islands watches with local themes.

The Department of Labor will be conducting telephone upgrades today and the migration to the new system may mean temporary telephone interruptions.  Incoming calls will be allowed.  However, there may be directed to the St. Croix office of necessary.  The new system should all be in place by the end of business today.

Coming Up  Tuesday – The St. Croix office of the Division of Banking and Insurance will administer the insurance agent licensing exam on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at its offices located on the third floor of 1131 King Street, Christiansted.  The exam will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m.   Registration for the exam and payment of the $50.00 examination fee will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on Monday, December 9, 2013.  For additional information, contact the Division of Banking and Insurance at 773-6459. 

St. Croix is getting ready for the annual Christmas Bird Count.  But first organizers have to count up their volunteers before they can begin counting birds. The bird count is important. It helps scientists evaluate the environment and determine if birds are endangered or not.  St. Croix Environmental Association is organizing the bird count and you can help.  They have a bird identification workshop this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 at The Nature Conservancy in Estate Little Princess.  The workshop is free.  Call Carol Burke at  773-1989.

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands presented the 2013 Anderson Teacher Grant Awards by Steve Morton of TOPA Properties.  A total of $20,829 in grants will be distributed to 11 teachers from 8 schools.  New this year is the award of 3 larger “collaborative school-based projects” grants of $5,000 each for creative proposals Juanita Gardine and Charles H. Emanuel Elementary Schools; Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School; and Emanuel Benjamin Oliver Elementary School.  Bertha C. Boschulte Is getting $5,000 for the school Digital Science Laboratory to help all science teachers and students.

The district PTA is meeting at the St. Thomas, St. John curriculum center.  This evening at six p.m.  The meeting will allow district officials and PTA leaders to outline plans to help work together with students at home and at school.  There's also a plan to help implement the federal common core state standards.  And they will be talking about the transition online assessments that this evening at six p.m. at the curriculum center on St. Thomas.

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