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80 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under mostly clear skies
84 % humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.08 inches
Wind is from East at 12 MPH
Point 03 inches of rian in the last 24 hours.

National Weather Service: thunderstorms this morning – 80% chance of showers in the morning.  Then the scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. High around 80F. Winds E at 20 to 30 mph. 

A weak trough will move through the Virgin Islands today and trigger showers. Drier conditions will follow during the afternoon.  An area of high pressure north of the region will maintain fresh trade winds through Thursday. Small Craft Advisories through today for local coastal waters. Seas to seven feet and winds will average 22 knots.

Cruise Ship News  Norwegian Epic, Carnival Conquest, Royal Princess at Havensight Dock
Eclipse and Allure of the Seas at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

At the top of the news on December 11 Wednesday

Carlton Dowe is pleased.  The Omnibus bill the Governor signed allows the Port Authority to generate up to five megawatts of electricity using solar cells on St. Croix at Henry Rholsen Airport. The Port Authority built a solar system at Cyril King Airport in 2010. That system saves about a quarter million dollars a year.  They plan to expand the system at King Airport, but there is no solar system at the St. Croix airport.  Now they have authority to duplicate the system at Rholsen Airport. That's a quarter million dollars from sunshine.

Governor John DeJongh and Commissioner Darryl Smalls are moving forward repairing roads throughout the Virgin Islands.  After the recent rains, many roads need repair. The Governor said, "We want the public to know we are aware of the poor condition of many of the roadways, and we are sensitive to the impact the damaged roads have on residents and visitors.  Safety is the prime consideration.  Smalls says they have engaged - Virgin Islands Asphalt Products  and Virgin Islands Paving on St. Croix, and on St. Thomas Better Roads Asphalt, and Island Roads Corporation  to begin milling the most severely impacted roads and replace the surface.  They're going to be working on the Charlotte Amalie water front also Brookman Road and the airport where the four lanes turn to two, around the University, Altoona, Coki Point, Red Hook, Northside and get it all done before Christmas. They are asking all of us to watch for the crews give them room and let them repair the roads before Christmas.

The Senate Government operations committee debated bill to require government procurement to buy local products.  Even when they cost as much as 30% more than sources outside the territory.  Senator O'Reilly said, “The idea is to keep local business in business.”  But legal counsel, says the bill may violate the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  Some federal courts have upheld state preferences in purchasing. Senators held the bill in committee for further work.  They also held in committee a bill to place limousine services under the taxicab commission instead of the division of licensing and consumer affairs.

They held a debate in the Danish Parliament about slavery.  The left wing Unity Party, argued in favor of paying reparations to the descendants of slaves and apologizing.  They say Denmark has a gruesome history in slave trade,"  and an official apology is important to pay sympathies to the descendants of slaves and to have a debate in Denmark about our past." But the far right party said Denmark shouldn't be responsible for what happened 200 years ago. They argue there are no living people who were slaves – hence no one to apologize to. No one to pay. The acting Secretary of State said “we cannot undo the past but we can we must work to ensure that no one in the world lives in slavery.” No reparations, no apology. The left party says they will keep the debate alive.

Emergency responders held an exercise Monday and Tuesday called Operation Tide Breaker to test communication between the different emergency responders. VITEMA director Elton Lewis said “If we can't communicate, if we can't talk, that's going to be an issue for us.” The test simulated a major earthquake followed by a tsunami along with the threat of an unknown illness aboard cruise ship.   Passengers crowded the dock with a feigned illness while examiners tested our response at the dock.  A big thank you to all of the staff of the port authority, health department, EMS, Department of tourism, DPNR, Red Cross, National Guard, Coast Guard and the FBI for participating in the test exercise.  We are all safer as a result.

Debra E. Gottlieb, of Management and Budget reminds the general public, and non-profit organizations that provide services to the general public, that there are funding opportunities under the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Technical Assistance Program  and Maintenance Assistance Program . Non-profit organizations whose missions directly benefit the U.S. Virgin Islands are eligible to apply for these federal funds. The deadline is June 1, 2014.  For additional information call 774-0750.

Hebrew Congregation will have the Sisterhood Hanukkah party on Wednesday, December 11.  This way everyone has the chance to attend and enjoy a leisurely evening without so many other things going on at the same time.

Yesterday the VIPD Office of Highway Safety announced their National Drunk and Drugged Driving campaign to make the road safer this Holiday season.  They will be conducting driving under the influence checkpoints and saturation patrols at various locations on St. Croix.  Over the weekend.  Police remind motorists to use a designated driver or have a safe ride home.  When the plan to drink alcohol at social events.  Police officers were done by anyone who may be driving impaired.

here's a chance for you to make some good news for yourself. The Next Generation Network is calling on all students and interested citizens to participate in “The Hour Of Code”, which takes place this week.  This is a national campaign to teach students and the general public how to create, write, and read computer code - the operating language of all computers.  Virgin Islanders can sign-up for this FREE training course by simply logging on to from any of viNGN’s Public Computer Centers (PCCs), or from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.   The Hour of Code is a national component of “Computer Science Education Week.”  “Yet 90% of schools nationwide don’t teach computer code it, and fewer children are learning to program than 10 years ago. The Hour of Code, is being promoted as the largest education event in history.  They want Virgin Islands residents to be among over 2 million worldwide, who will spend one hour learning computer science over this week.  Go to

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