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It's warmer of North thirty-four degrees in Philadelphia, New York City is forty-three Paradise, Michigan a sixteen degrees and snow.  Minneapolis is twelve degrees in Denver has no with eighteen degrees Paradise Beach Manitoba -7 degrees and fog.

77  Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under cloudy skies
86 % humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.04 inches
Wind is from East at 11 MPH
Point 01 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service :
Rain and a few thunderstorms during the morning, followed by occasional showers this afternoon. High 77F. Winds ENE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

An upper level trough is across the northeastern Caribbean today and through the weekend while high pressure over the western Atlantic is moving eastward. The cooling will result in frequent showers during the late night and early morning. Across the coastal waters, expect seas to eight feet and wind to 20 knot A Small Craft Advisory is in effect today.

Cruise Ship News We have the Summit at Havensight Dock, Noordam at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal and the Yorktown is visiting St. John

Headlines: Seaborne paid.  Four million dollars.  Moho Bay will now all be part of the National Park, electric base rate up, LEAC down, will you notice the difference?

At the top of the news on  !!AIR – December 20 Friday

They Paid.  Almost paid in full. I told you yesterday that Seaborne Airlines was moving to Puerto Rico with four million dollars in arrears to the GERS.  They paid yesterday.  Four million dollars.  There is still a miscellaneous legal fees and consulting fees - some one hundred eighty thousand dollars.  If we show the documentation, they may pay. The bad news is they are still leaving eighty-eight jobs behind.  Worse news: Now it is evident there were negotiations to keep Seaborne here. Our government couldn't match the deal from Puerto Rico. Sounds like comeuppance for Diageo.  On the other hand, the return on investment of a government employee retirement system is about thirty percent over the loan.  Not bad for a loan.

Good news from St. John where the trust for Public lands transferred the final seventy-four acres of Maho Bay to the Virgin Islands National Park.  It took many years to complete… Since 2009. Way back in the 1960s Harvey Marsh left massive portion of Maho Bay to his eleven grandchildren – all of it in one trust with each of the grandchildren getting an interest in the whole.  That makes a confused situation for decision making. The National Park bought three of the interests in 2003, and then in 2007 the Trust for Public lands bought six more. Each of the grandchildren got to keep the six acre parcel with room for two houses.  All the rest goes to the national Park. The 225 acres does not include the nearby Moho Bay campground but the rest is now park.

Not clear whether this news will make any difference. The Public Services Commission approved an increase in the base rates for WAPA water and electricity. They also decreased Levelized Energy Adjustment Clause.  The two changes cancel each other out.  Right now. But the LEAC can go up later.  We have some of the highest electricity rates in the nation, one of the poorest communities, and nearly infinite sunshine.  We could get really serious about solar energy.

The Virgin Islands Fire Service would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and remind everyone about the importance of safety at Christmas time. Christmas trees should be kept away from heat sources such as candles and electric heaters.  Never leave your home or go to bed without unplugging your Christmas trees.  Candles are not to be left unattended and must be extinguished properly. Remember in case of a fire, GET OUT and STAY OUT.  Never go back into a burning building. God’s blessings upon you. May He keep you safe all year round.

Coming up tomorrow Saturday December 21 from 6 – 9 pm.  The Crown Bay Center has a free Music & Movie night.  Bring your own chairs, sit back, relax, and enjoy music from the Kean School Harmonic Rays, music by My Sisters and Me and DJ Rush. Holiday prizes from Crown Bay Duty Free, Crown Bay Gift and Omni Jewelers.  They will show the movie “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”  Food will be available from Island Flavor.  Saturday, December 21 from 6 to 9 p.m. and it is free.

This evening the Frederiksted Economic Development Association, the Department of Tourism  will sponsor a Holiday Meet and Greet in Buddhoe Park this evening beginning at 4:00pm, before the commencement of Sunset Jazz. The event will feature Crucian Rhythms band, Quadrille performances and interactive dance lessons, complimentary tourism trinkets and a variety of local delicacies.

Governor John DeJongh signed a proclamation issuing administrative leave to government employees in celebration of the 61st anniversary of the Cruzan Christmas Carnival.  Nonessential government employees have time off on December 24 from one p.m. to five p.m.  December 31 from one p.m. to five p.m., January 2 from eight am to five pm on St. Croix only and Friday January 3 from 8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM territory wide.

We are in flu season and the Department of Health reminds you to get vaccinated during free flu vaccination outreach. Influenza  can be a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. The following is advised:
1.    Take time to get a flu vaccine,  especially young children and especially those younger than 2 years old, pregnant women, people with certain chronic health conditions asthma, diabetes, or heart and lung disease, and people 65 years and older.
2.    Take everyday preventive actions to stop the spread of germs that can cause respiratory illness like the flu.
•       Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. After using a tissue, throw it in the trash and wash your hands.
•       Avoid close contact with sick people.
•       If you are sick with flu-like illness,  stay home for at least 24 hours until after your fever is gone.
•       While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible avoid infecting them.
•       Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth because germs spread this way.
•       Wash your hands often with soap and water.
3.    The Symptoms of influenza can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.
Get the flu shot, not the flu.

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