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Weather in the World : warmer up north as Philadelphia has 24°, New York City 28°. They're calling it warm Chicago was 23° N has 16 and snow 30° in Toronto with snow and Bismarck North Dakota -13

76 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear skies.
80 %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30. 02 inches
Wind is from East at 11 MPH
Point 06 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says : A mix of clouds and sun. High 77F. Winds ENE at 20 to 30 mph.
A slight increase in low-level moisture and shower activity is expected across the Virgin Islands. However, the generally fair and stable weather pattern that has been experienced across the area this week is expected to continue tomorrow and Sunday with partly to variably cloudy skies and isolated to scattered passing showers.

Across the coastal waters, winds will average at 20 knots (23 miles per hour) through tonight. Seas will reach seven feet. A Small Craft Advisory is in effect for most of the exposed waters.

Cruise Ship News :  The Summit and Norwegian Sun are at Havensight Dock and the Ryndam is at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal

Headlines : the governor calls for party unity, Senate President earns top honor, agriculture building their holdings in St. Croix and here's a contest where it's great to be in the top 10

At the top of the news on  !!AIR – January 31 Friday
We're in the Top ten. And this is a good one. The Virgin Islands State Health Insurance Program received a performance award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. We are ranked ninth in the nation among CMS partner organizations. Ninth in the nation! SHIPS was singled out for excellence in providing benefits and assistance to people with Medicare. Our guys are better than big programs like Chicago and New York. Kudos to Beverly Joseph, the Acting Director of the VISHIP/Medicare program.  She attributes the award to the outstanding efforts of the small, but dedicated, staff to reach and serve the Medicare eligible population. They served more than 600 Virgin Islanders during the 2013 open enrollment period, providing education about available benefits from Medicare.” If you need to talk to the VISHIP office on St. Croix call 772-7368 and on St. Thomas call 714-4354. Top 10, way to go

Good news from Senate President Shawn-Michael Malone. National Conference of State Legislatures asked Malone to serve on the Executive Committee!  Senator Malone is the first and only official from a United States territory to serve on the National Conference of State Legislatures Executive Committee. They are the premier organization representing state Governments and they provide resources to state legislatures.

Is the stink gone? Residents living in the vicinity of the Geo say they've been smelling a foul odor coming from the distillery. Now Bob Bowman Vice President of Diageo says the smell is gone. He says the smell is a byproduct of processing Molasses when the alcohol was removed. Ahey feed the by product to animals. They discovered him malfunction of the ventilation system and fixed it. Should be gone.

Darryl Smalls spoke to rotary about plans for downtown. The fire stations when we relocated from next to Fort Christian, the discovery of artifacts under Main Street near market square has required a major archaeological dig where they are excavating what used to be a Taino village. It may be 2000 years old and it's not a dump or a pile of trash it's a village, and perhaps the earliest inhabitation of our area. Smalls expects the dig to be done before Carnival. He expects the fencing around Market Square to be revised in time for Carnival. And right after Carnival the renovations of Main Street will begin; from Enid Baa Library to post office square. All work will be done at night. One block at a time. All at night. What’s coming is a Cobblestone roadway, blue bitch sidewalks, trees, park benches. It will take a year because it's all being done at night. The main goal is not the hurt merchants. Raadets Gade and StorTaver gade are getting renovations. All overhear utilities are going underground.  All of them.  Next up will be waterfront enhancements.  From Lucinda Millen Home to Windward Passage. No cost to local government – all federal funds. They plan two new lanes around the legislature over the water, At the end there will be two lanes on either side of the legislature. And adding landscaping, seating and pocket parks with panoramic vista points. Near Boy Scouts building – they are going to reintroduce a venue for youth on the waterfront. The controversies have been resolved and there is one last permit from the Army Corp of Engineers.

Fort Christian Parkign Lot – the contract is moving forward to allow DPW to build a multilevel Parking garage on the northern side from Norre gade from Zoras to the cable building encompassing the old police station. Zoras will not be removed. The Callwood command façade will be incorporated in the new parking garage. We will go from 160 spaces to 500 spaces for parking. Vendors plaza is slated for renovations for a new plaza setting. Smalls says the new ferries are due to go into operations within 30 days. Insurance was a problem – now in place and in the harbour there is a plan for marine transportation that will take tourists and locals from Water Island to Crown Bay, to the Waterfront and to the WICO dock. He is expecting 12 new medium duty busses are coming that are ADA compliant. He is getting 10 heavy duty busses which means more mass transit. In Havensight all the overhead utilities are coming down, the flooding is over and the project in Havensight is almost over.  Brookman road is going to get a renovation. Tt RFP is out.  Construction should start before summer. The rough section will require rerouting the spring under the road. Raise the road, new bridges over the river. New culverts and new concrete roadway.  How about the Bridge to nowhere in Nadir? Darryl Smalls says it is going out to bid. A project to somewhere.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

All public secondary schools in both districts will be closed today. Staff from these schools will also be attending professional development and training sessions.

Arts Alive in Tillett Gardens with a special concert event this evening with musical icon David Bromberg. Bromberg plays multiple instruments and has collaborated with Bob Dylan, Jerry Jeff Walker, the Grateful Dead, The Eagles, Ringo Starr, Willy Nelson and Carly Simon.  He is back tonight at Tillet Garden this evening and tickets are available at Home Again in Red Hook, the Natural Food Grocery in Mandela Circle, Fish Face in Palm Passage, Connections in Cruz Bay, Music Shoppe in Havensight and the Arts Alive office in Tillett Gardens. Tickets can also be purchased online at or by calling 776-8566.

Delores Jowers, will present a lecture about the  "Lady in Red Visits" art exhibit which is on display at the former Havana Nine shop in Yacht Haven Grande. That's six p.m. this evening. The cost is $50 per person and the funds will benefit the St. Thomas Historical Trusts preservation efforts for Ft. Christian.
Jowers will talk about the history from Danish times, when the Fort was used for defense, and its dungeon was full of lawbreakers to the 20th century, when the Fort was once again used to house prisoners, and its makeover into a museum and cultural center. Later you'll hear from John Woods, talking about the Fort's current condition and Ronald Lockhart, will discuss plans for Fort's near future.  This evening at yacht Haven grande starting at six p.m

The Department of Agriculture is working to preserve forest land St. Croix. The forestry division made its third purchase of land in northwestern St. Croix - part of the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program. They bought Plot #3 in Hamm’s Bluff, some 35 acres, just south of the government-owned Hamm’s Bluff property that the National Guard uses.. Some 112 acres of land in northwestern St. Croix have been purchased by Department of Agriculture. The idea is to protect historically important and abundantly sensitive areas, and preserve green space. They started with a 6.5 acre parcel, Estate Spring Garden which has Maroon Ridge running through it. The vision is of a Territorial Park in northwestern St. Croix, to honor the runaway enslaved Africans called the Maroons.  The Forest Legacy Program requires a 25% local match. Locally that has been provided by The Nature Conservancy. T
Hearty congratulations to Ms. Marilyn Chakroff who played a lead role in securing the purchase.. Big thank you to The Nature Conservancy, the Trust for Virgin Islands Lands, and the International Institute of Tropical Forestry who all played a vital role in the land purchase.

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