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77 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear skies.
78 %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.00 inches
Wind is from East at 13 MPH
Point 01 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says : Sunny. High 77F. Winds ENE at 15 to 25 mph.

Fair weather will prevail across the region today. A trough is expected to approach the area from the east late tonight and tomorrow and bring with it, significant moisture with scattered showers through Saturday. A drying trend is expected for the weekend as an upper level ridge of high pressure builds in over the local area.  Across the coastal waters, winds will average 17 knots with seas to seven feet.

Cruise Ship News :   the Explorer of the seas, Reflection, Carnival Liberty at Havensight Dock
the Noordam and the Emerald Princess are at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal and on St. Croix the Maasdam is in Frederiksted

Headlines : students at the man up conference here about their possible future, Department of Education looking in Coral Bay St John , and it's gone. That warehouse building really is gone.

At the top of the news on  !!AIR – February 4 Tuesday
It’s gone.  In case you were not paying attention, the old warehouse building in Subbase that used to be the Department of Public Works storage building - is gone. After a fire several years ago, it sat as an eyesore for months. Burned-out hulks of vehicles littered the floor. Piles of burned trash on the floor. That building was directly opposite the Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal. Thousands of tourists walk by.  It looked terrible. Now it is gone - the last of the steel structure came down late last week, and a pile of steel beams is awaiting recycling. Businesses in the neighborhood say that one of the mechanics buildings is also slated to be demolished. A moving to other locations. No word yet what's coming

What's happening with the school in Coral Bay St John? The Guy Benjamin school used to have like 112 students, then it dropped to 110 then 83 students. Right now, there are only 55 students in the Guy Benjamin School. Education Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory told senators they would like to develop early childhood education, pre-kindergarten and a head start program in Coral Bay. Meanwhile at Julius Sprauve School in Cruz Bay St John there are only 285 students this year.  Given the size of the budget for St. John, they are spending approximately $20,000 per student at the Guy Benjamin school and some $8000 per student at Sprauve. That sounds good, but it is unsustainable.

University of the Virgin Islands has the fourth annual Man-Up male empowerment conference on St. Thomas today.  What did the men hear yesterday on St. Croix? Amid chants of “man-up” in the St. Croix tent, they heard that this conference could change their lives. UVI Presidents Doctor David Hall said “Many of us have had our lives transformed because we listened to the words of wisdom from someone in our lives.” Commissioner of Human Services Christopher Finch said the absence of fathers in the home was one of the most daunting crises of the modern age. He called the Man-Up conference “critical"

The young men heard from guest speaker Baruti Kafele. He is a leading authority on creating a positive school climate, transforming the attitudes of at-risk students, and motivating young black men to excel in the classroom. He is known for transforming Newark tech from a low-performing school and one of the best in the country. He says “being a man is not just something you grow into as you age, being a man is something that you earn over a period of time.”  He said “how dare anyone in this room settle for average, or mediocre or failure? How dare you squander your education? You got to know you. Aou got to love you. Even small things matter. If he sees a man's underwear – it’s problematic. “Men wear their pants to their waist and when you see a man with his pants falling off - that's a boy trapped in a man's body. Kefele got the men chanting “I am a superstar. I am a winner. I am a champion. I am not a loser. I am not an underachiever. I am not a failure” “Because I’m a winner, a champion, a superstar, and I’m going to be extraordinary.”

On this man up day, what the girls do? At Addelita Cancryn Junior High they are holding their annual "For Girls Only" conference, featuring Dr. Lois Hassell-Habtes as the guest speaker!  It is going on in the Cancryn's cafeteria  this morning. They have Break out sessions until lunchtime.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

Claudette Watson-Anderson of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, reminds all residents of the Virgin Islands that you are required to file the individual income tax returns in the Virgin Islands with the Bureau.  Do not file your individual income tax returns, electronically or by mail, with the Internal Revenue Service in the US. Your income tax return is only considered filed on the date that it is received by the Bureau here in the Virgin Islands.  Self employed taxpayers are required to file two tax returns. The individual income tax return (Form 1040) and the self-employment tax return (Form 1040SS). For more information call 715-1040, or 714-9312.

Are you a GERS member looking for your 1099? GERS Administrator, Austin L. Nibbs would like to advise retirees that their 1099 will be in the mail this week. “This is the first year that the Retirement System has generated and printed the 1099s in house and the process has taken a bit longer than anticipated,” Nibbs apologized for the delay.  

Education Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory and the staff at the department of education are working with the with teachers’ and administrators’ unions, to finalize a school calendar for 2014-2015 that reflects recent changes in local law. The law says school’s must open “no later than” the second Tuesday in August. That would be August 12. Frett-Gregory said they have to hammer out the logistics of that law. Frett-Gregory said “We are working with the Office of Management and Budget, and the Office of Collective Bargaining, to finalize financial details. Then we will engage our union officials,” Parents should keep in mind of start date before August 12 when making plans – at least until a final calendar is released.”

Here comes National Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, February 5.  At the Lew Muckle School they are using iPADS and Kindles to teach students how to download interesting books to help encourage them to read more.  Over at Arthur Richards Junior High School they have a technology contest for students and the technology contest for faculty and staff. They will also have a television broadcast on integrating technology into the classroom. At Juanita Gardine Elementary School, they are planning a WebQuest - like a treasure hunt where they have to find things on the Internet and create PowerPoint deliverables. And at Alfredo Andrews Elementary School students will complete digital stories about the influence of technology on their lives. Digital learning Day is Wednesday.

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