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World : 37 in Boston with clouds, 37 in New York with clear skies Philadelphia has 34 degrees. Chicago 15 degrees, 23 degrees and snow in Toronto, Minneapolis has zero degrees and guns in Manitoba -12.

78 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear skies.
75 %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.03 inches
Wind is from East at 9 MPH
Point 04 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :   A surface high pressure ridge north in the Atlantic is extending southwest our area –moderate to fresh trade winds across the islands and surrounding waters today. Occasional passing trade wind showers along the east coastal sections of some this morning. This afternoon, a few showers may be experienced across the region. No significant rainfall accumulations are expected. Short showers only. A Small Craft Advisory is in effect until noon today for the offshore Atlantic waters. Seas to seven feet and winds are at 20 knots.
Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 77F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

Cruise Ship News Celebrity Equinox and Carnival Valor are at Havensight Dock and on St. Croix the Adventure of the Seas is coming to Frederiksted

Headlines : Half the debt is dealt with, 1100 folks ran 8 tough miles, Jasmine Campbel does well in Sochi and UVI e Our virtue of the week  is peacefulness.

At the top of the news on  !!AIR – February 24 Monday

you've heard the $70 million figure many times now. The 2014 government's budget is $70 million short. But excellent news over the weekend as the US Department of the Interior decided to return a higher percentage of revenues to the territory than what was expected. You will normally we get $10.5 per proof gallon. Congress passes all resolution every year increasing that to 13.25 dollars per proof gallon. But Congress has not yet passed that resolution and up until Friday interior was only sending the annual appropriation at the $10.50 level. On Friday Department of the Interior form the governor that it is reconsidered and will pay the first three quarters of fiscal year at the higher rate. This means about $60 million, for our government. Half of it has to go to the rum companies as part of their deal. The governor, the Senate President, and the Delegate to Congress all expressed their delight with the decision. This plugs half the hole in the budget shortfall.

1100 people ran from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay for the 18th annual eight tough miles race. In spite of the rain, Rick Paul of Iowa ran the eight miles in 51 minutes. Jessica Rice was the fastest woman on the course with a time of 56 minutes breaking the course record set back in 2004. Local resident Ruth Ann David was second with a time of one hour one minute and 24 seconds. And here comes mama with the baby carriage, Dini Hall of St. John pushed her baby carriage along the entire route. A big thank you to all the St. John residents who assisted at the way stations and with the start and finish line operations.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit issued a decision this week that was a slap down to the IRS. They reversed the U.S. Tax Court decision involving V.I. taxpayers and ordered the Tax Court to admit the Government of the Virgin Islands as a party in the proceedings “as of right” in order to be able to defend the Territory’s interests in its Economic Development Commission (EDC) program.The The V.I. Government wanted to get into several cases involving V.I. taxpayers who had participated in the EDC program. The IRS said the taxpayers were not V.I. residents or had underpaid their taxes and should have filed with the IRS in the US instead of the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue. Our government tried to protect its taxing authority, and took the position that the taxpayers had filed correctly.

Our girl Jasmine Campbell completed her run in the winter Olympics and Soshi Russia. She raced in the giant slalom Last Tuesday and the slalom on Thursday. She said it was intense and she was collected, focused and excited. She'd never raced at night under the lights before. She described herself as positively stoked for the slalom. The hill was steep and challenging, she said she'd never skied anything so steep and icy before. Her goal was to finish in the top 50 – she did it. She finished 43 out of 88 who competed in the event. She may not be Number one in Sochi, but she is Number one in the US Virgin Islands.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

Did you know that the board of elections issues voter ID cards? It's for voting! The voter ID card is for voting it's not an identification card it doesn't have an expiration date, it can't be used like passport or drivers license. If you need an identification card to prove your age at a bank or a bar. Get your identification from the Bureau of motor vehicles or the Department of human services. Remember the “Voter’s ID” is for Voting - so get one and plan to vote.

Ras Al Grant says the St. Thomas Cricket Association held their annual election of board officers. Calvert "Calie" Gibson is the president, Everette Harris is the vice president, Leslie Minter will be the secretary, Aderline  Alexander is the new treasurer, Steve Dore is the assistant of the secretary-treasurer and Wingrove "Al" Grant is the cricket Pro. The Neil Carty 2014 Cricket League kicks off on March 9 at the the Cancryn Cricket Ground. They are enrolling kids ages 5 to 19 in the Grassroots Cricket league and they meet every Saturday from 9:00 AM to noon.

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) publishes a comprehensive directory of community-oriented organizations. “The Community Organizations Directory is now in its fifth edition,  and now the directory is available online now at and the print version will be available early March. Big Thank You to donors Bart Kavanaugh and Betty Saks who support the directory, The online version is constantly updated and suggested revisions or additions can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   For the first time, the directory is also available via QR code for those with smart devices and QR reader capability.

The Government Employees’ Retirement System invites its members to participate in a Pre-Retirement Planning Workshop on Thursday February 27 at 830 in the morning to 430 in the afternoon at the GERS conference room one st. thomas . Topics include GERS Benefits, Healthful Living, Health Insurance Coverage, Social Security Benefits and Taxes After Retirement.  For additional information or to pre-register, call 776-7703 ext. 4202 or 4200.  Seating is limited, so please register early. Pre-registration deadline is Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities announced that the University of the Virgin Islands is among 15 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) chosen to participate in a new, multi-year collaboration of institutions designed to bolster innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship efforts on their respective campuses. Participating schools will have access to funding to build an “innovation ecosystem” among institutions, administrators, faculty and students, the federal government, and private industry. UVI professor of Entrepreneurship Dr. Timothy Faley, said “UVI is privileged and honored to be part of the inaugural cohort of fifteen universities,” Dr. Faley will lead the team coordinating UVI’s activities on campus and with the collaborative. The team are
Dr. Wayne Archibald, professor of engineering, and Dr. Stanley Latesky, a chemistry professor and graduate student Howard Forbes, who is studying marine and environmental sciences.  And Mark the date, UVI’s afternoon on the Green is coming up March 9th.

Our virtue of the week  is Peacefulness Peacefulness is being calm inside.  Take time for daily reflection and gratitude.  Solve conflicts so everyone wins.  Be a peacemaker.  Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love.  Peace in the world begins with peace in your heart.

You are practicing peacefulness when you...
* Create inner peace with daily reflection or prayer
* Use peaceful language even when you are angry
* Speak gently and respectfully
* Avoid harming anyone
* Appreciate differences
* Find peaceful solutions to every problem

Affirmation:  I am peaceful. I use peaceful words and find fair solutions when differences arise.  I find my inner peace and let it carry me gently through the day.

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