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Weather in the World :  10 degrees in Philadelphia with clear skies same thing in New York and Boston. Washington has 13 degrees, Chicago has nine degrees, one lonely degree in Toronto while Montréal has zero. In Minneapolis -7. In a place called Paradise Michigan -17 with clouds

78 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear skies.
80 %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.03 inches
Wind is from East at 10 MPH
No rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :   Isolated showers will continue through the morning hours across the islands and their surrounding waters. Although showers will continue, there will be a modest drying trend through Saturday night.  Relatively tranquil marine conditions will persist through early next week with seas between three and five feet and winds to 17 knots. Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 78F. Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph.

Cruise Ship News : Summit at Havensite

Headlines :  do we need separate administrations for the superior court and Supreme Court? The University hosts an open house on St. Thomas Here comes Black history month, and who knows how to make a broom from Palm fronds?

At the top of the news on  !!AIR – February 28 Friday

Sad news from Frenchtown where a landmark building was destroyed by fire. It had many incarnations, as Le Château Blanc in the 60s, Barbary Coast in the 80s at other times it was the Oar House or Alfredo's. And most recently the Frenchtown Mini-Mart. It suffered significant damage in an early-morning fire yesterday. It may be beyond repair. The only good news is that the Fire Service responded promptly and contained the damage. No surrounding buildings were damaged.

The GERS Board met in Executive Session. Trustees approved an offer to WICO of a 6% Management Fee and a term of five years to service the Havensight mall that GERS owns. The agreement has not yet been finalized. The Board approved a contract with Jaredian Design Group to conduct a planning study for renovations of the old WICO Office Building known as “The White House.” Including repairs to the roof, handicap access, refurbishing the interior and constructing a new parking facility south of the second floor.

The Senate rules committee met in on Thursday. They were debating a bill that would consolidate the Superior Court and the Supreme Court under one administrative office. The judges of the Supreme Court spoke in favor saying two courts under two administrations costs money. One administration would save money. Why does the judicial branch with 16 judges, three justices, and four magistrates need two administrations, two CFOs, duplicate everything? It costs about 1.5 million dollars per year in unnecessary expenses. On the other side Superior Court justices argued in favor of two systems, saying the bill would take a “meat cleaver” to the judicial system.

Here comes Black History Month during the month of March when we recognize the meaningful accomplishments, milestones, and historic events of persons of African descent. Back in 1926 using the vocabulary of that era, the the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History proclaimed the second week of February as “Negro History Week.” The first celebration of Black History Month took place in 1970 at Kent State University. Official recognition by the U.S. Government came six years later in 1976. Highlighting the event, President Gerald Ford shared these words, “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.”

Is the local culture disappearing? Here comes the Folklife Festival and organizers say it's not easy to find culture carriers. The festival began yesterday at the Annaberg plantation sugar mill. They wanted the students to see how basket making works; how adults we baskets, but couldn't find anyone on St. Thomas. Couldn’t find anyone on St. John. They ended up bringing Eileen Huggins from St. Croix to demonstrate basket weaving. How about making brooms out of tire Palm fronds? Edmund Roberts knows how to make them. He learned as a child. But do the children learn how to do something if they just see a demonstration? In the age of the Internet and iPads how many kids will sit still long enough to learn how to make a basket or a broom? Will they learn how? And master the skill? And be able to teach their children, Or is this knowledge doomed to be lost?

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
The Virgin Islands next-generation network contractor will be installing aerial fiber and hardware on Kongen’s Gade near the public finance authority and government house. The road past Government House be closed from NOW to noon this morning,

Veterans of all armed forces living on all islands the Veterans councilor is on St. Thomas today. All veterans with claims pending or who wish to file claim meet with the councilors from the Veterans Administration's on St. Thomas today

Retired Fire Fighters have an emergency meeting on Sat March 1 at 11:00 Am at Kilo in Bournefield – you have to plan for the funeral of former Deputy  Chief Elroy Mathias Sr.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue and the University School of Business are teaming up to help taxpayers. The volunteer taxpayer assistance program is every Saturday until April 5. The university students will help with forms 1040 EZ and 1040A. On St. Thomas at the IRB in Red Hook On St. Croix at the Bureau’s office in Estate Diamond. On St. John, taxpayer assistance is at the Bureau of motor vehicles in Cruz Bay. All of these venues are open from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM every Sat. until April 5. Bring your W-2s, W-2P, Form 1099 and form SSA. For more information call 715-1040 on St. Thomas, and on St. Croix, 773-1040

High school juniors and seniors – as well as all other prospective students – are invited to come and explore the ocean of opportunities available at the University of the Virgin Islands. UVI will open its doors with Open House sessions set TODAY , on the St. Thomas Campus.  “UVI Open House is an informative yet fun day that showcases the University’s excellent academic programs, student support services and campus facilities. The session runs from 8:30 a.m. to approximately 2 p.m. Friday at the Sports and Fitness Center on St. Thomas. For more information call  1-877-Go-To-UVI.

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