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Weather in the World : 28 degrees in Philadelphia, Houston has 36, New York is 28 degrees under cloudy skies and in Washington at 31 with clouds. One degree in Montréal and a balmy 28 Minneapolis.

78 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear skies.
77 %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.03 inches
Wind is from East North East at 14 MPH
Point 01 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :  A mostly fair weather pattern will continue across the Virgin Islands today as a high pressure ridge dominates the region's weather. Winds will be from the east to the southeast at 10-15 miles per our with gusts. Isolated passing showers are expected across the Virgin Islands today.  Across the coastal waters, expect winds to 18 knots and seas to five feet. Sun and clouds mixed. High 77F.

Cruise Ship News the Summit is at Havensight Dock

Headlines : 

At the top of the news on !!AIR – March 7 Friday

The Department of Tourism is going to make good news using our own “Pressure Buss Pipe.” The department is creating a summer television commercial campaign featuring Dylano Brown song “Virgin Islands Nice.” Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson Doty says “It is with tremendous pride that we connect with one of our talented Virgin Islanders to promote travel to our islands this summer. The campaign will include special deals from hotels, restaurants and attractions across all islands. The national television campaign will include a digital media component and social media as well. It will also raise the national profile of Pressure Buss Pipe.

Should insurance providers pay directly to the hospitals that care for their clients? Right now some insurance companies pay the patient, and put the onus on the doctors or dentists to bill their patients and get payment. This adds a layer of paperwork. Many patients just keep the insurance money and never pay their doctor. The bill before the committee on health and hospitals would require insurance companies to allow patient to assign payment directly to the doctor or dentist or other healthcare provider. No opposition from the director of banking and insurance. They think it's a good idea. Another bill before the committee would require insurance providers to cover the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Held in committee.  The committee also held a bill that would allow pharmacists to administer vaccinations after appropriate training.

DPNR is proposing changes to the territory’s water quality standards. They review the standards every three years. Among the changes is a provision regarding the quality of inland water – ponds, streams, surface water, brakish ponds and groundwater.  The rules would protect fish and aquatic life in our ponds from pollution. New rules are coming for ocean waters that affect coral reefs. Effluent must not be hotter than ocean water. And new rules on turbidity as well. There are public hearings – tonight on St Croix At DPNR’s Main Conference Room. Public comment is open until April 7.

Wonder what officer was driving the police vehicle with plate Police Department-205… Caught parked in a handicapped spot in front of Palm Passage.  Nope, not making an arrest.  Nothing on the blotter for that spot at that time.  The rest of us have to stay out of handicapped spaces. $1,000 fine. Wonder if the officer will be cited for parking in a handicapped spot. Big Thank You to the Daily News for running the photo of the vehicle.

What is Vice President Biden doing on St. Croix?  The Avis is reporting Biden arrived Thursday evening around 10 o'clock. No word yet why he is here. At the White House website under the vice president schedule there are no public events scheduled. In fact he has nothing on the schedule for the whole week coming. Of course it's around 30 degrees in Washington, that's reason enough to visit St. Croix.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

UVICELL Center has a free SAT Prep class for high-school students. Starts Saturday March 15 on UVI St. Croix and St. Thomas campuses.  Your 10th or 11th grade student with a GPA above 2.0 should take this class. – They get assessments and practice exams and pointers on time management, anxiety relief, and test-taking tips. Big Thank You to Dale LeFebvre, of Oson Inc, - making the class free. Submit an application to UVICELL by Friday of this week. Friday March 7th.  Space is limited. First-come, first-serve basis. Call 693-1106 or visit

The Department of Tourism is looking for applicants for the 2014 summer internship in New York. One vibrant young local will get the opportunity to develop skills and experience in marketing communications. Must be local resident- recent graduate or in final year in a university program in marketing, mass communications, public relations or tourism studies. Excellent writing and verbal communication. exceptional organization skills and an eye for detail. The candidate will get round-trip to New York and a stipend up to $2,500 a month for housing, and living expenses. The job is from May through August 2014, with the Tourism’s  partners in NYC. E-mail a resume and cover letter by Friday, March 14. Call DCI 212-725-0707

Finally this - a chance for you to make some good news. The Family Resource Center is at a stress point. Their funds are so short that are on the verge of closing and that would mean no women's shelter on St. Thomas or St. John. Donations are needed right now. You can help. Call this number 776-STOP that's 776-7867. 776-STOP the Family Resource Center needs your help right now.

Here comes the 3rd Annual Law and You Quiz Bowl – today  at the Superior Court in Barbell Plaza on St. Thomas from 9 am  until 2 pm. The Law and You program has been around since 1999 hosted by the Police Department School Security Bureau. Throughout the school year officers’ instruct high school students with the Law and You curriculum. They teach students about responsibility, the consequences of crime and local law and Constitutional law. Students from All Saints School, Charlotte Amalie High School, Kean School Seventh Day Adventist School and Saints Peter and Paul will square off to see who gets the trophy and bragging rights. You are invited to the Law and You Quiz Bowl today 9 a.m. at the Superior Court at Barbell Plaza.  The Quiz Bowl will be aired live on WSTA.

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