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78 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under Partly Cloudy Skies.
82  %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.97 inches
Wind is from East North East at 6 MPH
Point 82 inches of rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

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At the top of the news on !!AIR – March 11 Tuesday

Is the price of gasoline on St. Croix unfair? Did it jump without good reason? Regular fuel jumped $.30 last week. Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Wayne Biggs said they are always monitoring fuel prices. While the price at the pump was stable for weeks at just under four dollars a gallon, the wholesale price from December through March increased by 35 cents per gallon. The gas station operators seems to have been absorbing the increase until they all broke through and raised the price. It's unusual for retailers to bear such an increase without immediately increasing fuel prices at the pump.  But that is their decision. HOVENSA uses volatile world oil market to set the rack rate. They are no longer refining gasoline on St. Croix, but importing it - so their prices are tied to the world market.

What's going to happen on St. John at the Guy Benjamin School? During the upcoming school year, the school is expecting low enrollment. Down from a high of 112 students to the present 55 students.  Hardly enough to justify the million dollars it costs to run the campus. Insular Superintendent Jeanette Smith-Barry told the PTA that enrollment at Guy Benjamin has declined  for years.  The department will continue to register children for classes at Guy Benjmain and early registration might boost enrollment. The next registration event for Guy Benjamin School is at Julius Sprauve School on March 24th.

Senators are grieving the passing of Kenneth Christopher. Mr. Christopher was the official photographer at the Legislature. Senators lauded Mr. Christopher’s long tenure , his professional commitment and incomparable work ethic. They held him in the highest regard. Chucky Hansen noted that she hired him 29 years ago as the official photographer and noted that he was always very pleasant, even when in pain. Sad news at the passing of Kenneth Christopher.

Lots of news from the agricultural food fair as the winners were announced.
Top produce farmer was SeJah farms – they were also reserve grand champion.
Top nursery was Dorcas Griffin who was also the grand champion.

In the livestock competition the best Senapole family was from the Frank Bermudas farm. They had the best Senapole male and male junior and places second in the female senapoles as well.
Best goat family came from Henry Richards of Trouble Livestock, He had second in best goat male and female.
Doctor Ralph DeChabert it the best female goat.
The best swine pair was from Hamilton farm and second place to the Bureau of corrections.
The farm at the Virgin Islands Bureau of corrections didn’t win, but they show up all over the second and third place prizes – the corrections farm placed for their goats, swine and sheep too.

Best commercial poultry where the turkeys from Cole's funky chicken farm. They also won the big sweepstakes award - Cole's funky chicken farm.

Best fancy poultry were the peacocks from TNT farm.
A prize for the ducks from Lewis Farm and the pigeons from José Rivera
Over in the food tent, Lyra Tonge had the best peppermint and Lasinger and Dunsela
Eleanor Seely had the best Green lime jam and the best ginger beer, the best Carambola drink, the best pumpkin fritters. She went home with a fistful of second and third places as well.
Renée Schuster had the best Kalaloo and the best roast pork and the best salt fish and dumplings.
Top salt fish pate prize went to Josephine Williams
Best Salt fish Gundy winner was Parents with a Mission.
Who had the winning hat in the hat competition - Annie Edney for Annie Home garden Chapeau

And in the dumb bread competition - first place went to Edwin Davis of St. Thomas, second place to L Hendrickson of St. Thomas and third placed Eleanor Seelye of St. Croix. St. Thomas makes the best Dumb bread.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

The St Croix office of the Department of Education has been experiencing on and off power outages. People trying to reach Education offices may not get through. Phone and internet services are also interrupted.  Here is a number that may work 773-1095.

The Office of Veterans Affairs is hosting workshops on “Survivors Benefits and Dependency & Indemnity Compensation”.  The workshop is today at 6:30 pm at the Patrick U. George Post 90 in Sub Base and on Thursday March 13 at 6:30 pm on St. Croix at the Bromley Berkley Post 133 in Frederiksted.  Harry Daniel says all survivors, spouses of veterans, caretakers of veterans – you should attend this workshop to be better prepared when the times come to receive survivors benefits. Director Daniel says sometimes loved ones have problems getting information on their veteran relative because the VA didn’t know about the relatives.  Workshop is tonight on St. Thomas and Thursday on St Croix call 774-6100 or 773-6663

The Lieutenant Governor’s Office is hosting estate planning seminars throughout the territory as part of its ongoing consumer education and outreach programs.  The seminars are on St Croix on Saturday, March 15, at the UVI Great Hall.  On St. Thomas the workshop is on Saturday, March 22 at the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute.  The Workshop is from 9:00 am to noon.  The public is invited to attend the seminars, No charge to participants.  The Lieutenant Governor says many people attempt to recover a deceased relative’s  financial assets or resolve property ownership and have a lot of tropuble that could have been easily avoided with basic estate planning. The seminar will provide residents with the tools to make the best decisions about protecting their assets.For more information call 773-6459

Over at Havensight the VITEMA training coordinator is offering a course on tsunami readiness. Today through Friday each day from 8:00 AM  to 4:00 PM at the WICO administrative building. The one day class leads to a Dept. of Homeland Security certificate. For more information call Irvin Mason at 227-7686. Seating is limited. Are you READY for a Tsunami? Make a plan, get a kit and stay informed.

Dr. Lomarsh Roopnarine, is giving a special speech this evening. She is a former Professor at UVI and presentlyt teaches at Jackson State University. Her topic is the arrival of East Indian indentured laborers to Danish St. Croix. The presentation will focus on why East Indians were brought to Croix, the distribution of them to various plantations, their plantation experience, their refusal to renew contracts, the failure of indenture and repatriation as well as return remittances.  The program is this evening on St. Croix from 7 to 8 PM at the Whim Museum.

Good News Maker of the Day  are the 12 University of South Carolina students who are members of the USC Lutheran Campus Ministry  working with Lutheran Social Services. Painting a building on St Croix – not on the beach, these students are using their spring break to make good news. You music ministry at flamboyant gardens, visiting Queen Louise home, doing your grounds cleanup at the Danish gardens and building a raised garden box for residents of the Ginger Thomas residents. That's the students from South Carolina and they're making good news.

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