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Weather in the World : it's getting warmer up north. 44 degrees and Louis Delaware, New York City has 42, only 39 in Boston with rain. Chicago has 34, Denver has 34

79 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear  Skies.
80  %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.98 inches
Wind is from East at 15 MPH
No rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :  

Forecast calls for: A mix of clouds and sun. High 78F. Winds SE at 10 to 20 mph.

Cruise Ship News  Norwegian Sun Is at Havensight Dock New Amsterdam is at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

Headlines : 

At the top of the news on !!AIR – March 20 Thursday
Government officials are trying to figure out what caused the foul odors at Central high school. Some 30 students were affected earlier this week. The Governor met with representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Department of Education, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Public Works, VITEMA and Waste Management Authority.  They are working on every possible angle to determine the origin of the odor.
They will develop a plan to investigate it, identify what it was and eliminate the source. They are meeting today as investigative teams are on site at Central. They are also canvassing businesses in the area around the school. So far it is clear the odor is only affecting the Central High School area. They will determine the cause of the problem, determine the source and resolve it – then school will reopen.

Meanwhile Department of Education officials are working on a contingency plans for Central High School, They might relocate students and faculty to another site – temporarily. Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory said. “The Department is concerned about the situation and assures parents that the safety and health of the staff and students is the top priority. She went on, “We are reviewing all of our options and will let the parents know as soon as we have a plan for resuming school.

Cockfighting was the topic as senators heard testimony arguing both sides of the game. On one hand, Senator Rivera-O’Reilly said cockfighting was cruel, made people callous and doesn’t contribute to the economy. On the other side people saying it's part of the culture. One testifier, Animal control coordinator Moses Carmona said “people used to say it is the culture of the island for man to beat his wife or children, but things change. Cockfighting is a brutal sport and wrong.” On the other side, Senator Nelson called this a clash of cultures. He sees no reason to send people to jail over cockfighting. Delegate Christensen weighed in saying the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Agriculture are willing to allow local law to prevail. Washington thinks cockfighting does not meet the threshold to trigger legal intervention by the federal government. She likened this to medical marijuana where Washington is allowing states to enact their own laws on the topic.  When pressed, no one could identify any taxes or income to the government or any positive impact on the economy.

The Committee also heard testimony on the development of a National Sports Policy for the Virgin Islands  Chairman Jackson, said that a National Sports Policy would set a framework that would facilitate the development of a culture of sports in the Virgin Islands of the United States. Jackson noted that such a policy would bring about many more class athletes; provide an environment for sports development; recreation and leisure activities and holistic health; and the wellbeing of the residents of the territory.

The Virgin Islands Carnival Committee is appealing to local business to sponsor more of the events. The territorial government is providing funding, but carnival organizers need more support for events like the Calypso Review. While the money is not completely figured out Caswil Calendar said none of the major carnival events will be impacted. Carnival begins with the Prince and Princess show on April 13 and culminates with fireworks on May 3. The only change to the original schedule is the Calypso review moved to April 26. Carnival Village will pay homage to ”Percy” Taylor of Percy's bus stop and David  “DeeDee Sharp” Dawson.  J’Ouvert is May 1 and organizers say they're working with the police to keep J’Ouvert safe. Expect the ”Biggest Fete Ever Seen, Carnival 2014.” Troup leaders are reminded of a meeting this evening at 5:30 at Carnival headquarters for a briefing on the parades and to sign up for positions in the parades.

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When you need Taxi, you need Yogi Call 626-5695. That’s 626-5695. Yogi 

10:00 Am - Sts Peter and Paul School has a special food sale today.  In the Courtyard of Sts Peter and Paul School they are selling Red Pea Soup, Steamfish, BBQ chicken and roast chicken and a lot more. Huge food sale at Sts Peter and Paul School at lunch time today – starting at 10:00 Am.

St Croix today at 10:00 Am, the Virgin Islands National Guard will conduct a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting at the new joint force headquarters Estate Bethlehem.  The groundbreaking was back January 2012, now the facility is complete. The facility in honor Brigadier General Gerard Luz James Sr. today at 10:00 Am in Estate Bethlehem.

Board of Elections will be meeting on Thursday March 20 at St. Thomas office in Lockhart Gardens. At 1:00 PM.

The Government Employees’ Retirement System wishes to advise members that the hours of operations for obtaining a GERS Member Discount Card, has been modified. GERS members can purchas the cards today until noon and again 2 to 4 in the afternoon. Cost $5 and gets you discounts at participating businesses. 

On St Croix this evening - The Small Business Development Center is offering a four hour workshop with the "nuts and bolts" of starting a business in the Virgin Islands. The focus is why businesses succeed or fail, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Extensive handouts will be provided.
On St. Croix THIS EVENING from 5 to 9 p.m. On St. Thomas Saturday, March 22 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM – St. Thomas and St John will have the workshop again April 2

What is the truth about marijuana?  There is a conference this evening at 5:30 at the first floor conference room of the University’s Administration and Conference Center on St. Thomas Campus. The topic is "Marijuana: Uncovering the Truth and Busting the Myths." Panelists include Senator Terrance "Positive" Nelson, Deseree Lambertis of the Police Department, counselor Franz Brady, and herbalist Ras Bobby. Later there is a debate "Should medicinal marijuana be legalized in the Virgin Islands?" This evening at 5:30 at the University administration conference center building.

I spy new trees.  Alongside Julian Jackson Drive where the four lanes converge into two lanes – beside Boulke terminal.  Crews were busy yesterday planting new palm trees on the grassy plane alongside the road… Always nice to see new trees, especially new palm trees.

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