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Weather in the World : 25 in Philly, NYC has 29 degrees, 32 in Washington DC with light snow, and 10 degrees in Montreal. Paradise Michigan 5 degrees.

79 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear  Skies.
76  %  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.01 inches
Wind is from East at 6 MPH
No rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :  Fair weather is expected to continue through Wednesday as a mid to upper level ridge strengthens over the region. A strong surface high pressure area will build across the Atlantic Thursday with winds strengthening significantly. The ridge will begin to weaken on Friday with conditions becoming more unstable allowing showers to develop. Across the coastal waters, winds to 17 knots through Wednesday strengthening to 25 knots on Thursday and Friday. Seas to four feet  and increasing Thursday thru Saturday.

Forecast calls for: Lots of sunshine. High 80F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph.

Cruise Ship News Carnival Freedom, Carnival Dream, Reflection are at Havensight Dock
Oasis of the Seas is at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

Headlines :  Big stink at Central High School brings another issue – what to do next. Students want to go back to school. How big is our debt and what became of the two trees at K-Mart in Lockhart Garden?

At the top of the news on !!AIR – March 25 Tuesday

The big stink at Central High School produced a bigger stink at the meeting last evening where Department of Education officials rolled out a partial plan for split sessions at St Croix Education Complex.  Without the details, bus schedules, class schedules, parents were angry that the school is closed and it is not clear what is coming next. 

Meanwhile, Good News as the team from the EPA and local officials found a sewer system near the campus of St. Croix Central High School that may be the source of the a noxious odor that sent students, faculty and staff to the hospital.. A technical team from the Environmental Protection Agency discovered an abandoned sewer system with two manholes on the Central High School campus. They found high levels of hydrogen sulfide and propane fuel in the sewer. Dept. Public Works crews are working on eliminating the problem once and for all.

The really good news is that students held a demonstration in front of government house demanding to go back to school. While we all know students who want to get out of school, here are students asking to be able to go to school.

Central High School Principal Janasee Sinclair hopes that everyone gets a full recovery, from the distressing odor. She is asking parents to keep students fully occupied.  “As we rectify the situation, please encourage students to read, complete unfinished assignments, and review class notes.”   The CHS principal  says teachers will assign classroom work to students electronically.   She said, “We have asked our faculty to connect with our students via the internet.  Through this medium, classroom work will be assigned to students.”  Where internet is not available at home, students can access coursework through cell phones or phone calls. Students can go to the libraries to access the internet for class.. Additionally, students who are on Plato may continue using the educational software for instructions.

Central High School seniors are meeting today - last names N through Z will meet starting at 8:30 am to 11 AM. The 12th grade counselor reminded seniors to bring their parents tax information so they can complete the financial aid application. Wear uniforms. Parents please provide transportation

Meanwhile The Superior Court on St Croix suspended its schedule due to problems with odors in the building. The superior court is closed through Wednesday.

Good News from Delegate Dr. Donna Christensen – she says that our Department of Health is received a $200,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, part of the Ryan White title II formula grants that are used to assist the territory improving the quality, availability and organization of a comprehensive continuum of healthcare for victims of HIV and AIDS. The funds should support 75 percent of the core medical services and 25 percent of the support services for individuals and families living with AIDS

How bad is our debt. The source online reports that our debt per person is larger than Puerto Rico or Detroit. Detroit owes $18 billion, and with a population of 700,000 that works out to about $25,000 per person. Next door in Puerto Rico, they have $70 billion in debt spread out among 3,700,000 residents which comes out to $18,000 per person. In the Virgin Islands, we have $1.7 billion in debt plus the GERS unfunded liability of $1.7 billion. Spread that debt across a population of about 115,000 people and the debt is about $29,000 per person. If you add the unpaid retro wages - - some $300 million – then our per person debt rises to $32,000 – per person. The good news here is that most of the first debt pile debt is covered by rum revenues. We still have a 40 million dollar fiscal year shortfall.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
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Important news from the Government Employees Retirement System as administrator Austin L. Nibbs announced that the software modification for waiving the refinancing requirement for a retiree loan is now functional.  Retirees refinancing an existing personal loan will no longer be required to have that loan paid down by 50 percent of the original loan.  Please note however, that all other requirements do apply. For more information call 776-7703 or 718-5480 and ask for the Loans Division.

VITEMA is getting ready to test the tsunami early warning system. On Wednesday, March 26 between 10 a.m. and 1015 they will test the sirens. There will be a tsunami warning followed by a warning tone. There used to be just 10 sirens now they're 14 more. They are on St. Croix at D.C.Canegata Ball Park, Christiansted government parking lot, Fisher Street in Frederiksted, Kramer park, DIVI carina resort, Sion Farm, Williams Delight, Lavallee and Sprat Hall.

On St. John there are sirens at the Legislature in Cruz Bay and at the firehouse in coral Bay.
On St. Thomas there are sirens at Cyril King Airport, Griffith Park, Yacht Haven Grande, Redhook, Enid Baa Library Fort Christian Museum, Crown Bay at the Gramboko building, Addelita Cancryn School, Lucinda Millin Home, long Bay at the entrance of the waterfront, Ezra Fredericks ballpark, Coki beach and Megan's Bay.

Who cut the trees down? Outside Kmart Lockhart Gardens.  Those two shade trees. There used to be two huge shade trees. Shade is so valuable in this climate. It seems a shame to remove any shade tree. Yet they are gone. Too big shade trees. They weren’t hurting anyone. Folks used to sit in the shade in front of K-mart…Sometimes right after buying things. Sit in the shade open the package, enjoy your new purchase. Now - no more shade. I can only speak for myself, and I'm no tree hugger, but I enjoyed the shade and I'm not going back to the Kmart anymore.

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