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81 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under clear  Skies.
69%  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.06 inches
Wind is from East at 9 MPH
No rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says :  A generally fair weather pattern will prevail across the Virgin Islands today. A strong high pressure area will continue to build across the Western Atlantic today through Friday. breezy and locally windy conditions through Saturday. Strong trade winds will create hazardous seas.  More isolated and scattered showers across the local area on Friday. Across the coastal waters, winds to 20 knots and seas to five feet. Marine conditions will rapidly deteriorate tonight as large northwest swells invade the local Atlantic waters. Small Craft Advisories and High Surf Advisory for the north and north coasts and.

Forecast calls for: Partly cloudy. High 81F. Winds ENE at 15 to 25 mph.

Cruise Ship News Eurodam is at Austin Monsanto Marine Terminal:

Headlines :  yesterday VITEMA tested the sirens, senators want an economic program for Savon and up street and the St. Croix cities, special Senate session to address the school calendar, we have massively and we have winners in the afternoon on the green.

At the top of the news on !!AIR – March 27 THursday

Yesterday VITEMA performed a test of the emergency tsunami warning system. Here is what it sounded like.  Many people called WSTA to tell us they could not hear the siren and those who could hear the siren, said they couldn’t understand the announcer’s muffled voice. Others said it was loud and clear.  Remember these sirens are for people in low lying areas - so they can evacuate in case of a possible tsunami.  It was a test.

The Committee on Economic Development approved a bill to encourage the rehabilitation and condemnation of abandoned property in the territory. The bill needs some clarification and will require amendments but the idea is to encourage business to spend money to renovate blighted properties in Savan and Down-Street and Garden Street, Up-street and in Frederiksted and Christiansted. The idea is to encourage property owners to fix them up, ameliorate the blight and make the islands more attractive. Nadine Marchena-Kean, director of the Enterprise Zone Commission, said, “The commercial zone is greatly needed.”  The committee also approved a lease with Tropical Shipping, and a major CZM permit for the University of the Virgin Islands to rehabilitate the Marine Science Center dock in Brewers Bay.

We have a problem with the proposed school calendar. A law was approved in 2012 over the Governor's veto that requires the school year to start earlier. The idea is to be finished with the first semester before Christmas and St Croix Christmas Carnival. That was held off for the 2014-15 school year. Now the governor has called the Legislature into special session to change the law.  With the adoption of the common core State standards, instructors require more training and professional days and the Department of Education doesn't have the money to pay for all that training and the earlier school year start.

The Superior Court in St. Croix will be closed today and Friday as Environmental Protection Agency and the Waste Management officials mitigate the odor from the sewage system in the Court’s neighborhood near Central High School. School’s Closed. Court’s Closed.

Governor John DeJongh signed an agreement between the Sports, Parks and Recreation to repair the Coral Bay basketball court next to the Guy Benjamin school in Estate Emmaus. The money is coming from the Rotary Club of St. John.  The government sports department will undertake $50,000 of repairs, upon receipt of the money. Big Thank You to the Rotary Club of St. John. 

MATHCOUNTS competition is over. The Antilles School team won the team competition. That team included Maggie James, Robert Hunter, Manav Thadani, and Mansi Totwani. They are all individual winners along with Divyesh Gurnani, of Antilles School, Jamihl Levine of Elena Christian School, Skyler Anspacjher of Peter Gruber International Academy, Caroline Flavia of Good Hope Country Day, and Ali Boucenna of the Church of God Holiness Academy. The top mathletes and the winning team will represent the Virgin Islands in the National MathCOUNTS Championship in Orlando, Florida in May.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
When you need Taxi, you need Yogi Call 626-5695. That’s 626-5695. Yogi 

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The 2014 Hebrew Congregation auction has some leftovers - stuff that wasn’t paid for or got no bids. Now the synagogue is offering them for sale. There's a Mahogany and Cane hall chair, a mahogany and cane chaise lounge, a four poster bed, a week in the Villa in Italy and the certificate for five nights at Megan's Valley inn. Call the synagogue at 774-4312.

Friday night - the Edelman Observatory has an open house - Friday from 7 to 10 p.m. Visitors will see Jupiter and Mars, the Orion nebula and the new supernova. There'll also be a video and lecture a recent discovery of polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation and what it means for our universe. Free of charge,  spaces limit and it was full full the last time. Call 617-510-1658.

This evening the University division of student affairs has a women's history month forum on women in abusive relationships. It's all about making the change. The Forum is this evening from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Administration Conference Center Building on the St. Thomas campus.  Panelists include Vivian St Juste, from the Family Resource Center, Doctor Lori Thompson - psychologist, Walter Brown - advocate against domestic violence and Sergeant Celeste Potter of the police department. Women's History Forum will discuss how women can make a change out of abusive relationships. This evening at 5:30 at the St. Thomas administration conference in her building.

Coming up Friday  The University of the Virgin Islands will celebrate UVI Pride Day throughout the territory on Friday. UVI has more than 8,000 alumni, and 65 percent live in the territory. UVI President David Hall said, “We are especially proud of our alumni and their stellar achievements in so many areas of professional life. All UVI alumni are asked to wear – blue and white – or other UVI gear on Friday.  There will be “Pride Rally” at various high schools throughout the territory.

More news from the University – we have the winners of the 25th Annual Afternoon on the Green, hosted by the VI Lottery. Back on Sunday, March 9th. Edna Pole received the “Overall People’s Choice” award for “Ed’s Goat Water,”  Brianna Hairston had a three-pete – She won the "People's Choice" for her Tropical Coconut Cupcakes. Third time she was the People’s Choice.

Best Pastries and Sweeties Edna’s Carrot Cake, by Edna Roebuck
Best Main Dish was Elbert Petersen’s Grilled Chicken in barbecue sauce
Best Vegetable Casseroles Sean Georges Sweet Corn Awesomeness, made by Sean Georges
Best Seafood was Brigo's Firehouse Salmon, by Arthur Raymo III
Best Soup was Ed's Goat Water, by Edna Pole
Best Bread  was Josie’s Banana Bread, Josephine Humphreys
Best Native Drink was Germaine Baird Hibiscus Drink,
And Among the Side dishes -  tie for best Plaskett Mac and Cheese and Yabba’s Fried Cauliflower,
And second place in side dishes was also a tie…
Maura Hennessy Coconut Rice, Cheryl Miller’s Mango Momma’s Quinoa, Yabba’s Pasta and a tomato salsa called WUVI AM 1090 Tomato Salsa, by Alex Randall. Ok, so I write the news, I can announce my own second place.

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