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Weather in the World : 42 degrees in Philadelphia, Boston has 39, a balmy 62 in Chicago well Toronto still has 39 degrees

80 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under Clear Skies.
79%  humidity
Barometric pressure is 30.00 inches
Wind is from East at 16 MPH 
No  rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours. 

National Weather Service says : 

Forecast calls for: A mix of clouds and sun. High 78F. Winds SE at 10 to 20 m 10% chance of showers

Cruise Ship News Carnival valor is at Havensight Dock, Sea Dream One visits St. John

Headlines :  today's Easter Monday, the university is going to develop a medical school, we have a Carnival Queen, and our virtual week as truthfulness

At the top of the news on !!AIR – AIR – April 21 Monday

Today is Easter Monday. Public schools are closed. Local government offices are closed today. The local courts are closed today. Federal district court is open. US post offices are open. The Water and Power Authority is closed today; same with Waste Management Authority. The University is open. BancoPopular is also closed on Monday.

We have a queen. The crowd went wild at Lionel Roberts Stadium banging on pots and pans and blasting airhorns as they applauded their favorites for five hours on Saturday night. We have a queen, but first…  her  court includes: 17-year-old Madainia  Tavernier, the second runner up, and 17-year-old Aliyah  Dessout (De–Sew) who was selected first runner up and won Miss Cooperative and Best Talent. 18 year-old Tayhira  Richards from Ivanna Eudora Kean High School won the Miss Congeniality award. Our queen is Deja'Nique Navarro. No stranger to competition, she was Carnival Princess in 2010, and in the same year she was first runner up in the Junior Calypso competition. Navarro won four of the six Queen Show awards; Best Cultural Costume, Best Evening Wear, Most Photogenic and Miss Intellect. And she won the top title of Carnival Queen. She is an 18-year-old senior at Charlotte Amalie High School and plans to study hospitality at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island in the fall. But where was the crowd? Apparently they had other things as Lionel Roberts Stadium was not packed. On Sunday Carnival continued with best dressed as a doll competition and the traditional games and the toddlers tried to find their way to the other end of the carpet.

More Carnival as the Carnival comes to the hospital this evening.  On Tuesday is the Junior Calypso competition. Wednesday is cultural night w/ the king and queen of the band competition. And Thursday April 24 is the Calypso competition on Friday April 25th Carnival Village will open.

HOVENSA  jacked up the price of regular gasoline while premium gasoline dropped in price. Expect to see eight cents more for regular, and eight cents less for premium.

UVI will move forward with plans to develop a Medical School. The Board of Trustees of the University voted unanimously to authorize President David Hall to begin the development for a medical school in the territory. The Board also approved a major gift agreement with Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, for the development phase of the medical school.  There will be a formal announcement this Friday at Government House on St. Thomas. The university received a major gift from Dr. Kathuria for the development a medical school. Dr. Kathuria, is an entrepreneur who founded and built multiple businesses including New Generation Power that does utility scale power generation, distributed generation, and mining. New generation is behind the University’s plan to build 3.1 megawatt solar energy system on each campus. The University will partner with Schneider Regional Medical Center and Juan Luis Hospital – as well as Boston University School of Medicine for this project.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
When you need Taxi, you need Yogi Call 626-5695. That’s 626-5695. Yogi 

10 The St. Thomas East Lions Club and the police department weed and seed program have their annual Easter egg hunt on Monday, April 21 at Gomez elementary school from 10 a.m. until two p.m.

Members of the St. Thomas cricket Association All-Star training unit should attend practice Monday through Thursday at the Addelita Cancryn Junior High School cricket grounds.

Innovative communication Corporation says they are taking steps to protect customers from the HeartBleed bug which causes vulnerability for Internet users. The HeartBleed Internet bug affects many servers.  Fortunately there are no incidents involving Innovative customers. Innovative says they're constantly monitoring their systems and taking daily preventive measures to prevent customers from being affected. Innovative Communication Corporation reminds Internet users to regularly change their passwords and use a unique password for each site.

Good news for sea turtles. The Sandy Point national wildlife refuge is closed for the 2014 leatherback sea turtle nesting season. Officials close the beach at this time every year to protect the sea turtle nests and hatchlings. The turtles nest in February and March, and the first hatchlings appear from now through August. Sandy Point will reopen in September. DO you wonder whether the closing the beach helps? Back in 1977 fewer than 20 turtles hatched on Sandy Point beach. In recent years is up to 100 new baby turtles. There is a turtle watch education program that will allow groups to visit the beach under strict supervision. For more information call 690-9452.

Our virtue of the week is Truthfulness. Truthfulness is being honest in your words and actions.  You don't tell lies even to defend yourself.  Don't listen to gossip or prejudice.  See the truth for yourself.  Don't try to be more that you are to impress others.  Be yourself, your true self.
You are practicing truthfulness when you...
* Speak only the truth
* Don't let others tell you what to think
* Investigate the truth for yourself
* Can tell the difference between fact and fantasy
* Admit when you have made a mistake
* Don't exaggerate or deceive to 
Say this Affirmation: I am truthful. I speak the truth.  I see the truth with my own eyes.  I am content to be my true self.

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