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Weather in the World : it's springtime up North New York is 50 degrees so does Washington. Chicago 50 degrees in Toronto in the 40s still upstate Michigan 36 degrees paradise Michigan still has 33 degrees with snowfall.

80 Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under Clear Skies.
82%  humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.99 inches
Wind is from East at 8 MPH
No  rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours.  

National Weather Service Forecast calls for: A fair weather pattern is expected to continue for the next few days with only isolated to scattered showers developing during the night time hours and early in the morning across the Virgin Islands. Temperatures in the mid 80's to 90 are expected to continue over the next few days as the region remains under the influence of winds from the east-southeast.
Across the coastal waters, seas to four feet and winds to 15 knots.

Cruise Ship News the Summit and the Norwegian Sun are at Havensight Dock

Headlines :  Calypso competition gives us a winner. There are buyers for HOVENSA, the senator approve a lot of leases and you can investigate your roots in a new on-line database.

At the top of the news on !! AIR – April 25 Friday

Carnival is in full swing. We had the Calypso competition last night. 11 competitors took to the stage last night for the 2014 Calypso competition. Reigning champion Patrick “DeSouljah” Farrell kept his crown. He was Most Humorous as well. First runner up was Campbell “King Kan” Barnes who sang about reparations. The second runner-up was Samuel “The Mighty Pat” Ferdinand who also won Best Political Commentary. He sang about how folks pull each other down instead of lifting each other up and his second song was about education. Jamaal “Broc Lee” Williams got Best Social Commentary title. Raymond “Solemnity” Smith won Most Improved.  Patrick Farrell sang a song called “We The People” reminding politicians and corporations that the people are in charge saying. “it's the people, we the people make this world go round." Later he sang a song called, “Something You Want" about people want to hear Calypso about melee, gossip and rumors – so that is what you get. In the end, he held a funeral for the other Calypsonians and then buried the spectrum band. Big thank you to the Spectrum Band for supporting the event.

Carnival Village will open this evening at 6:00 PM.  The Calypso Revue is Saturday, water sports and the steel pan jamboree on Sunday. On Tuesday April 29 we have two tramps. Wednesday is the food fair with arts and crafts. Thursday May first is J’ouvert, Friday is the children's parade, Saturday is the adult parade, fireworks and last lap.

It’s carnival.  The governor signed a proclamation giving leave to government employees for this 62nd Carnival.  In St. Thomas and St. John there is leave on Wednesday, April 30 for the food, arts and crafts fair day from noon to 5:00 PM. On Thursday there is leave from 8:00 AM  to 5:00 PM for J’ouvert. Across the entire territory there is leave on Friday, May 2 for the Children’s Parade. The leave does not apply to essential employees or those on a regular or rotating shift nor does it apply to the students and staff of Central High School on St. Croix.

They want to buy HOVENSA! A lot of buyers. Not just one, a lot of buyers are interested in buying the HOVENSA refinery on the South Shore of St. Croix. No details yet - but Government House held a meeting with senators to discuss the potential sale. Potential buyers will start touring the facility in May.  Many, not just one.  We may have the refinery back as a tax payer.

The legislature held a full session yesterday and approved the governor’s nominees to four important Virgin Islands boards and commissions:
Prakash Daswani to the Historic Preservation Commission
Roberto Cintron to the Board of Governors of the Virgin Islands Port Authority.
Keith Claudius O’Neale to the Public Finance Authority Board
Johann Clendinen – to the Public Service Commission.
They took on nine bills, all but one sailed through. The one that met opposition was about allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines. With some senators saying people were wary of administering vaccines to children and infants outside healthcare facility. But the law limits pharmacist working on people older than age 7. They passed all the bills. They approved all the lease agreements and zoning request. One will allow affordable housing for elderly in sugar estate behind the hospital. Another will permit Allie-Allison Petrus to develop a gasoline storage tank in subbase. Springline architects can build a second professional building on their property, Roy Harrigan can turn his long-term rentals into short-term rentals. PC landscaping on St. Croix can build a water distribution system for their landscaping business. And that old Merchants Market near the University golf course - VI finest food got a variance to make it something new. Stay tuned.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this

Millions of viewers in the United States and around the world got a burst of Caribbean rhythm and warmth when they tuned their televisions to "The Wendy Williams show" - thanks to our Department of Tourism's month-long partnership with the popular show. The Virgin Islands' Caribbean Ritual Dancers launched the promotion with a dazzling dance display with their 2014 Carnival song "Mass is the Mission" by Patrick 'Solijah' Farrell.  More coming - Chef "Theo" Gumbs will be on the show on May 16th Pressure Busspipe on May 22. The partnership with Wendy Williams fits with our "VI Nice" summer travel promotion. What would a month on Wendy Williams cost in cash? 1.1 million dollars. Wendy Williams first started as an intern at St. Croix's WVIS radio – then 23-years in radio. Now "The Wendy Williams Show," screens on BET across the U.S. and in 52 countries.

Here comes the first-ever "X Factor UVI Style" competition for UVI students, this evening at  8:00 PM in the UVI Dining Pavilion St. Thomas Campus. The competition invites performers to perform three songs. A panel of five judges will provide feedback, along with that from the audience, and decide which competitors advance through the competition’s three rounds. with a first place prize of $1,000, second gets $300 and there is an ipad for other winners.

The University of the Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Center and the Social History Associates held a special program about the St. Croix population database. Historian George Tyson revealed a trove of information on births, deaths, marriages, jobs and lives of hundreds of thousands of St. Croix's residents during the Danish period. All of this information is now becoming available online. It will be easy to research the ancestors in the St. Croix population database from 1734 to 1917. The database, gleaned and compiled from a wide array of historical records and documents, tells the long untold stories of many of the ancestors of Crucians today and includes firsthand accounts from enslaved Crucians and their African roots. There are about 1.86 million biographical entries, with multiple pieces of information transcribed from an array of fragmented records into a single database. Families will be able to trace their African ancestry right down to the names of specific ancestors on specific ships. Data comes from Danish census records and includes slave lists, emancipation dates, immigration, tax bills, land records, vaccination and church records.  Church records have information on baptisms, deaths, communions, weddings... The full collection is not yet online, but census data and documentation can be searched free at, or for a fee at Funding for the population database came from the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Solar Foundation of Denmark and the Carlsberg Foundtion – raise a Carslberg beer. Your history is on-line.

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