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80  Degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas.  Under Partly Cloudy Skies.
80%  humidity
Barometric pressure is 29.97 inches
Wind is from East at 10 MPH
No rain at WSTA in the last 24 hours.

National Weather Service says:  The high pressure ridge that has been dominating the region's weather has weakened. As a result, under the prevailing southeasterly wind flow, expect passing showers from time to time across the local area today.  A six foot swell will continue to affect the Atlantic waters and nearby passages through Tuesday.

Cruise Ship News - Carnival Valor Is at Havensight Dock

Headlines :   UVI Grad, Governor veto pen, This is Dept. Public Works week, St. Thomas Rocks  at least at the airport and Confidence is Our virtue of the week 

At the top of the news on !! AIR – May 19 Monday

University of the Virgin Islands held graduation on Saturday on St. Thomas for more than 200 graduates and on Sunday on St Croix for 100 graduates.  This year's guest speaker and honorary degree recipient was Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Junior. He inspired students with his research into the history of his family, and other families, delving into the history of local hero General Buddhoe, and exploring Oprah Winfrey's great-great-grandfather and his remarkable life. He exhorted all the students to know their history. The University conferred an honorary degree on former Congressman Ron DeLugo who was unable to attend due to illness. His daughter received the degree. On St. Thomas, the audience was moved to tears as UVI President Doctor David Hall announced a special diploma. The president honored student David Payne Jr. who would have graduated with a Master’s degree in education on Saturday except for an act of senseless violence that took his life. Doctor Hall presented graduation regalia to David Payne 3rd instructing the grade school boy that he must wear that regalia when he graduates from the University. The act brought the entire audience to its feet with sustained applause and with tears in their eyes. On St. Croix the University president highlighted the mother and daughter who are graduating together and bestowed an honorary degree on Crucian baseball legend Horace Clarke. Clarke was raised in Frederiksted and played ball there and moved up into the big leagues as a regular second baseman for the New York Yankees from 1967 to 1973. Clarke’s niece was also a degree recipient. On St. Thomas, Hashia Wallace said she studied nursing after her baby perished. She was so impressed by the Schneider Hospital Nurses and their dedication that she decided to study nursing too. Diploma earned.

The governor's veto pen was busy on Friday. He vetoed changes to the tax breaks at the University's Research and Technology Park. The governor said the amendments expanded tax breaks and gave breaks to any online business. He called this a radical departure might bring about a federal investigation. He vetoed a bill to increase in the percentage of real property tax devoted to street lighting. He vetoed changes to the budget. He prefers shovel ready projects instead of ones in the conceptual stage. The governor vetoed the Parent Student School Participation Program saying a wording discrepancy inadvertently repeals the law and would kill the government's scholarship program. The governor vetoed changes to voting rules saying it was too close to an election and violates federal law.

It was not all vetoes. The governor approved allowing household size solar and wind power producers to continue net metering their excess power to WAPA at the retail price but limiting larger producers to pay a feed-in-tariff payment that reflects WAPA’s cost. He approved to bill to wave excise tax on materials for alternative power. He approved the bill to prohibit selling electronic nicotine vaporizers. He approved plans for the proceeds on captive insurance to benefit the hospitals.  He signed the bill to allow health insurance payments to go directly to the provider and he approved making health insurers cover autism spectrum disorders, and hearing aids. The governor approved of bullying prevention program in the schools, and a program so farmers can accept electronic payments from SNAP recipients for local vegetables and fish. The governor approved an assessment of the cadastral land records, and he approved changes to the law about certifying public accountants. He approved the bill to allow pharmacist to deliver vaccinations. The governor approved several zoning bills as well.

The Governor has extended financial support to the Juan F. Luis Hospital. The Bureau of Internal Revenue is trying to collect outstanding taxes from the hospital and attached their cash assets. The Governor authorized OMB and the Department of Finance to advance an appropriation of 1.2 million dollars to the hospital.

The governors honoring the Public Works Department this week by issuing a proclamation declaring the week of May 18 to the 24th as Public Works Week in the Virgin Islands. The governor urges all residents of the territory to observe the week and thank and honor the employees of the Dept. Public Works.

You're listening to Good News Headlines on WSTA. More news, first this
Senate President Shawn-Michael Malone announced that today’s Legislative Session has been canceled. A new date will be announced later this week.

St. Thomas Rocks – at least on Airport road where the Port Authority issued a permit to WAPA to use 42,000 square feet at the foot of Sarah Hill to store 10,000 cubic meters of rock for some 6 to 8 weeks. After the stone is removed WAPA will use the area to store equipment for their propane tank project. Cars will still be able to park.

The deadline to file for property tax credits has been extended until tomorrow. Property owners who have not applied for the tax credits should do so today or tomorrow. There are tax credits for General Homestead, Veterans, Seniors, Disabled, Visitable Home and for farmers among other tax credits. For more information call the Tax Assessors Office on your island.

Gubernatorial candidate Soraya Dia-see Coffelt announced that Warren Moosler is no longer her running mate. She thanked one Mosler but they have discovered that they have different viewpoints on the role of the Lieutenant Governor. She has launched a search for a new running mate.

The Joint Board of elections is meeting today at 10:00 Am at the election systems office in Lockhart Gardens to discuss the Primary & General Elections, Voting Machines, Polling Places, & the Attorney General’s Report.

Helping Others in a Positive Environment is opening a chronic disease clinic at #57 Dronningens Gade on Tuesday at 10:00 am.  The new HOPE Clinic will provide free services for hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and HIV. HOPE is launching its new Men’s Health Initiative with gender specific services for young and older adult males with free STD Screenings and case management services.

Here comes the 2014 District Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fair Tuesday through  Friday at the University Sports and Fitness Center on St. Thomas.   Students will display projects in science research, science demonstration, math investigation, math modeling, video presentation, power points, music, web page design, desktop publishing, and programming. The theme is “Designing Experiences for the 21st Century through STEM”. Younger students will set up on Tuesday, between 7:30 and 8:30. Judging between 8:30 and 11:30. The public can come see the displays on Wednesday between 10 am and 12:30. The awards ceremony is at 1:00 PM on Wednesday.  On Thursday, the secondary students will set up and the public is welcome to come in after the judging on Friday. The award ceremonies is Friday at 1:30.

Jael King, a 6th grader at Alfredo Andrews Elementary School will is on his way to Washington to represent the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the National Geographic Bee from today through Wednesday.  King won his school GeoBee, and he won the 2014 Atlantic Territorial Bee in April. 
Jael  will travel with his teacher Loretta Whilby-Royes who will accept a prize from the National Geographic Society on behalf of Alfredo Andrews Elementary School.

Our virtue of the week  is  Confidence. Confidence is having faith in someone.  Self-confidence is trusting that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens.  You feel sure of yourself and enjoy trying new things, without letting doubts or fears hold you back.  When you have confidence in others, you rely on them. You are practicing confidence when you …
•    Know you are worthwhile and feel sure of yourself
•    Don’t let fear, doubt or worry stop you
•    Discover your talents and try new things
•    Learn from your mistakes
•    Think positively
•    Trust that all things work together for good
Your Affirmation: I am confident. I appreciate my gifts and give my best.  I enjoy trying new things.  I welcome new possibilities.

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